Facilities for visitors

What do we provide?

All visitors to INI programmes and workshops have access to the following facilities:

In addition, programme participants also have access to the following facilities:

  • Shared office spaces (depending upon availability)
  • Landline office telephones [Under Review]
  • 24/7 access door entry card
  • Shared meeting space via INI’s “Discussion Room”, complete with video conferencing facilities. Please see Reception for further details and bookings.

A note on suitable hardware

The mains power supply at the Institute is European standard 220V-240V. Please ensure your computer’s power supply can accept this voltage.

Power sockets at the Institute take the British standard plug with three square pins. If your plug is not of this sort, you will need a travel adaptor.

For network access (including use of our printers and access to the Internet), your computer must be equipped with wireless capability.

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