Getting Wireless Access

Eduroam users

Eduroam wireless access is available throughout the Institute using your normal credentials. Credentials are provided by your home institution and your device should be configured before you set out.

Visitors and Guests

Visitors and guests of the INI (University) can connect to our guest wifi using their email address or social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Visitors and guests can:

  • get free wireless connectivity where the University Wireless Service is available
  • sign in using email, Amazon, Facebook, GitHub or LinkedIn
  • connect in outdoor public spaces, such as Jesus Green, Parkers Piece and The Mill Pond
  • connect in University of Cambridge museums, including Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettles Yard and Scott Polar Research Institute
  • connect up to 3 devices each
  • use the same wifi guest session for up to 7 days, at which point you will need to sign in again

Further information about our guest wifi can be found here: Connect to UniOfCam-Guest wifi

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