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INI spawns collaborations than span a lifetime

Computer vision is broadly defined as the science of teaching computers how to “see”. It is thanks to this area of research that there exist such varied technologies as the automated management of traffic systems, barcode scanning devices, facial recognition software, the automatic stabilisation and ‘intelligent’ focus of the images captured by digital recording devices, and much more. The future and potential possibilities of this science can justifiably be described as revolutionary, promising the widespread adoption of driverless cars and the prospect of robotic arms capable of manipulating a diverse range of objects without ever having experienced them before.

At its heart, as with so many scientific disciplines, computer vision involves geometry, applied mathematics and computer science. And this is where two notable affiliates of INI - Professor Andrew Blake (Alan Turing Institute, Microsoft Research Cambridge) and Dr Michael Isard (Google Brain) become key players in the history of the field.

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