“The inauguration of the Institute on 3 July 1992 was the culmination of four years’ preparation.  For a number of years and for a variety of reasons, a need had been felt for the UK to have a national institute in theoretical physics and mathematics.  Efforts had been made outside Cambridge to initiate such a development but little concrete progress had been made.  A crucial advantage which made the founding of an institute in Cambridge seem feasible was the possible availability of “pump-priming” financial support from Cambridge Colleges”.

For those that have visited the Isaac Newton Institute before, the story of its formation may be one with which they are well familiar. However, there are always further details to be shared and finer points to be made in any written history. With this in mind, and in the spirit of 2017’s 25th anniversary celebrations, we present the following article: “The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Inception to Inauguration”. Written with a focus on the financial genesis of INI, and utilising extensive records from the earliest copies of the Institute’s Annual Report, it provides a clear and comprehensive picture of the challenges involved in setting up such a centre and the generosity and support which made it possible.

Click here to download a .pdf file of  the article “The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Inception to Inauguration.

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