Autumn Statement: UK Government offers “support to establish a National Academy focused on mathematical sciences”

22 November 2023

The Academy for the Mathematical Sciences (AcadMathSci) has welcomed the UK Government’s intention to “support to establish a National Academy focused on mathematical sciences”, including “up to £6m of seed funding over the next three years, subject to business case”, announced in today’s Autumn Statement.

Supported in part by the Isaac Newton Institute, the Academy’s aim is to become “an authoritative and persuasive voice for the whole of the mathematical sciences”.

INI Director Ulrike Tillmann said: “The Isaac Newton Institute is delighted by the news. Following the recommendation in the Bond Review to set up an Academy for the Mathematical Sciences, INI has actively supported, financially and through thought leadership, the establishment of an Academy, and we will continue to do so in collaboration with the Council for the Mathematical Sciences and the learned societies. This has been a large community project that already has brought hundreds of mathematicians together, making sure that their subject and its benefits to the economy and the wider public are better understood. The Government’s announcement today is a full endorsement of their efforts and goals. The Academy will take a wholistic approach and embrace academics, end users and teacher of mathematics. It will make sure that the mathematical sciences are valued by society commensurable with its contributions and likewise that government will get the most of its investment in the subject”.

Further details via the Academy website:


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