From 24-25 January, INI’s main seminar room hosted the sold-out Newton Gateway event “Communicating Mathematics for the Public”. Speakers and contributors present included David Spiegelhalter, Hannah Fry, Emily Shuckburgh, Katie Steckles, Ben Sparks and many other public figures, representing organisations as diverse as the Office for National Statistics, The Times, Cambridge University Press, and BBC Radio 4’s “More or Less“.

More details about the event, including recordings of many of the talks involved, can be found here and via the Newton Gateway website.

“Mathematics is a tool used to explain both simple and complex ideas using logic and reasoning to a variety of audiences. Audiences include not only mathematics students or other professionals, but also journalists, policy makers and the general public. It is therefore of great importance to reflect on both successful and unsuccessful forms of mathematical communication in order to develop better mechanisms to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.”

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