On the evening of Tuesday 22 January 2019, the Institute was proud to host Poet-in-Residence John Kinsella for readings from his recent work “Spiralling”.

Originally produced in 2017 as part of INI’s 25th anniversary celebrations, the work is an exploration of spiral motifs and other mathematical themes richly suited to the environment in which they were performed.

Joined in conversation by Barry Phipps (Churchill) John Kinsella delivered a talk of unique energy and interest, filled with insight not only into the origins of each piece, but into the subjects which they concerned – ranging from the mathematical essences of staircases and tree stumps to the swirling dust devils of the Western Australian outback.

The staff at INI would, as always, like to thank John for his creative passion, and would like to extend further thanks to all the members of the faculty, University and public whose attendance helped make the evening such a special occasion.


John Kinsella is an award-winning poet and author of more than 30 books. He is a fellow of Churchill College (Cambridge) and is supported in his work by Curtin University where he is a Professor of Literature and Environment. For further details see: www.johnkinsella.org

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