The Isaac Newton Institute would like to offer support to all Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) proposals in the Mathematical Sciences.  

The Institute aims to ensure that the UK’s next generation of mathematicians get the best training for a successful career, a career that builds fully on their doctorate. Students should take their knowledge and training in the mathematical sciences to wherever they move next – academia, industry or the third sector – and deploy it fully.

INI envisages working together with proposers of CDTs in the next round to develop bespoke events through the Newton Gateway (such as the INI Open for Business events, modelling camps, or winter schools) and expect to be able to offer training courses including in the following areas that should be of interest to all CDTs:

  • Knowledge exchange for the mathematical sciences
  • Mathematical writing for a broader audience
  • Communicating mathematics to policy makers

The Newton Gateway has a proven track record in connecting mathematicians with industry and government organisations, and together with the INI has brought different scientific communities together in fruitful and enriching collaborations.

If proposers wish to mention INI and/or the Newton Gateway in their outline proposal, please email Deputy Director Ciara Dangerfield at

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