“More Tales of our Forefathers” – a talk by Professor Barry Simon, 13 December 2017

14 November 2017

“More Tales of our Forefathers”
Professor Barry Simon
13 December 2017

Following on from his hugely popular 2015 talk “Tales of our Forefathers”, Caltech‘s Professor Barry Simon will return to INI this December with more biographical insight, intrigue and interest from the lives of some of the most influential figures in mathematics.

“This is not a mathematics talk but it is a talk for mathematicians”, says Professor Simon. “Too often, we think of historical mathematicians as only names assigned to theorems. With vignettes and anecdotes, I’ll convince you they were also human beings and that, as the Chinese say, ‘May you live in interesting times’ really is a curse. It is not assumed that listeners heard my earlier talk. Amongst the mathematicians that I’ll discuss are Riemann, Newton, Krein and Noether”.

“More Tales of our Forefathers” takes place in INI‘s Seminar Room 1 from 14:00-15:30 on Wednesday 13 December. It will be followed by a coffee reception from 15:30-16:30, during which there will be a chance to discuss the content of the afternoon’s talk with both Professor Simon and other attendees.

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