Throughout 2022, INI has supported a cross-community consultation regarding the creation of a new “national academy” for the mathematical sciences. The proposed academy, it was decided, would represent and advocate for the mathematical sciences and those who work in them, including educators, practitioners and academics. It would operate across the whole of the mathematical sciences, including mathematics, statistics and operational research.

That idea has now grown into the Academy for Mathematical Sciences (AcadMathSci), which is currently in a two-year “proto-Academy” phase as its founding structure is created. As part of this project – and as announced in our October 2022 news bulletin – INI’s Deputy Director Dr Christie Marr was appointed on a two-year secondment as Executive Director of the new initiative.

First conceived in 2018, the Academy’s aim is to become “an authoritative and persuasive voice for the whole of the mathematical sciences”. Its goals include: supporting the “people pipeline” of those entering careers in the mathematical sciences; to provide a “voice at the table” where policy and funding decisions are made; and to champion the importance of mathematical excellence as a whole.

Full details of the conception and goals of the Academy can be found via the links below.

> Announcement and history of the Academy project, from the Council for Mathematical Sciences:

> Official website of the Academy for Mathematical Sciences:

Academy for the Mathematical Sciences

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