Timelapse video: 10 months in the life of an INI blackboard

24 October 2018

Any previous visitor to the Isaac Newton Institute will be familiar with the 130 square metres of blackboards spread across the seminar rooms, shared workspaces, offices, lift interior and even the ground floor toilets. But how much use do these iconic fixtures see from the programme and workshop participants? The answer is: a very great deal. From September 2017 to June 2018 Institute staff left an emplaced camera programmed to capture regular images of one of the main mezzanine blackboards. The following (roughly) minute-long video shows some of the highlights recorded in that 10-month period. Many of the problems sketched out here will have been worked on for days or weeks at a time, giving you the impression of just how much collaborative research is undertaken on a single one of INI’s boards in less than a calendar year. We hope you enjoy it, and that you one day bring your own workings to this unique space!

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