The Isaac Newton Institute (INI) and International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) seek to appoint a new Chair of Correspondents from 1st January 2019. The principal role of Chair of Correspondents is to assist in the coordination of the activity of the Correspondents Network in linking the two Institutes with the UK mathematical sciences community. The post-holder will serve a 3-year term, which is renewable.

Applications are welcome directly from individuals or via nomination from others. Applicants or nominators should send a short cover letter plus an up to date CV, setting out briefly the individual’s academic history, their record of service to the community and their suitability for the role.

The Chair of Correspondents must have an international research profile and be a recognised leader with strong knowledge of and participation in the UK mathematical sciences community. It may be advantageous to have a broad range of mathematical interests, and if appropriate application areas too, together with some academic management experience. Note that it is not a requirement for candidates to be (or to have been) a Correspondent.

Closing date: 31st October 2018
This is a non-remunerable position, but expenses will be covered.
Please send applications to INI’s Administrator, Samantha Skehel at



The INI List of Correspondents was established in 2002, and following discussions with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council about widening the reach of the Institute and engaging more fully with the UK Mathematical Sciences Community it became a Network in 2009. Previous chairs have been:

·         Professor Caroline Series FRS (Warwick), 2009 – 2012
·         Professor Michael Singer (UCL), 2013 – 2015
·         Professor Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford), 2015 – 2018

In 2017 it was decided that the Network of Correspondents would be further broadened to cover the activities of ICMS as well as INI. This change was undertaken in the spirit of the increasing collaboration between the two Institutes, and recognition of the fact that collectively they provide the research infrastructure for the whole of UK Mathematical Sciences.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chair of Correspondents will work with the Director and Deputy Director of INI and the Scientific Director of ICMS to ensure that the Network of Correspondents performs its role effectively. The Chair will assist more broadly in enabling the two Institutes to meet the needs of the UK mathematical sciences community, especially in their efforts to promote equality and diversity. As well as attending the annual Correspondents Meeting, it is expected that the Chair will, on an occasional basis, represent the Institutes at other events and provide input to their current and future strategy.

In addition to their duties to the Network of Correspondents, the appointee will be co-opted to serve as a full member of INI’s Management Committee, which meets thrice yearly.


The final selection of Chair of Correspondents shall be made by a group composed of representatives from INI’s Nomination Committee and ICMS’s Management Committee.


For information, the Correspondents Network is constituted by appointees from mathematical science or cognate departments in UK universities, from other academic institutions, and from R&D groups in industry and commerce. The role of a Correspondent is to:

·  act as a focus in their institution for communication between INI/ICMS and the UK mathematical science community

·  distribute widely within their institution, especially to relevant departments other than mathematics, the information provided by ICMS/INI

·  ensure that members of their institution are aware of the various sources of information concerning INI/ICMS activities (eg, web site, email lists, social media, recorded lectures etc)

·  encourage participation in ICMS/INI workshops and programmes, particularly by younger scientists, and act as a source of advice to members of their institution

·  promote the Junior Membership scheme

·  act as a critical friend, ie to keep INI and ICMS informed of any suggestions, comments or criticisms, and draw to their attention cases where might be obstacles to participation in either Institute’s activities

·  encourage colleagues in their institution to consider hosting satellite workshops for appropriate INI programmes

·  ensure that local seminar organisers are aware of the lists of visitors to ICMS and INI

Informal enquiries about the post may be made to the Director or Deputy Director of INI: David Abrahams: or Christie Marr:, or Scientific Director of ICMS Paul Glendinning:

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