Video interviews: INI programme Organisers

24 November 2017

** 11/06/18 – this page will no longer be updated, please see our video interviews page for this and all future content. **

Since August 2017, INI has filmed video interviews with the Organisers of each programme held at the Institute. The aim of these videos is to provide an introduction to the subject of each programme, the challenges inherent within it, and the likely outcomes from the research undertaken. Below you will find those that have been published so far, starting with the most recent and descending in chronological order. This page will be refreshed with new videos as they are produced.

Each of these videos can also be found on the relevant programme’s homepage.

Each of these videos can also be found on the relevant programme’s homepage.

“Uncertainty quantification for complex systems: theory and methodologies” (UNQ)
Programme Organisers Peter Challenor and Henry Wynn
> January 2018

“Statistical Scalability” (STS)
Programme Organisers John Aston, Po-Ling Loh and Richard Samworth
> January 2018

“Growth form and self-organisation” (GFS)
Programme Organisers Arezki Boudaoud and Andrzej Herczynski
> November 2017

“Variational methods and effective algorithms for imaging and vision” (VMV)
Programme Organisers Andrew Fitzgibbon, Xue-Cheng Tai, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb and Ke Chen
> November 2017

“Mathematics of sea ice phenomena” (SIP)
Programme Organisers Daniel Feltham, Alexander Korobkin, Vernon Squire and Emilian Parau
> November 2017

“Scalable inference; statistical, algorithmic, computational aspects” (SIN)
Workshop Participant Kerrie Mengersen
> August 2017

“Homology theories in low dimensional topology” (HTL)
Programme Organisers Jacob Rasmussen and Liam Watson
> August 2017

“Non-positive curvature group actions and cohomology” (NPC)
Programme Organisers Alessandra Iozzi, Cornelia Drutu Badea and Goulnara Arzhantseva
> August 2017

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