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Summer Maths Puzzles - Tuesday 13 August - Logical Logistics

Logical Logistics

Five mathematicians arrived at the Euclid Institute between 9am and 10am yesterday.  Given the information provided below, can you determine what time each person arrived, their mode of transport, and the name of their home institution.

  • Of the cyclist and the person who arrived at 9:10am, one is from the University of St Andrews and the other is Professor Gowse.
  • The person who arrived by car is either the person from the University of Auckland or the person who arrived at 9:50am.
  • Professor Lovelylaces isn’t from the University of St Andrews.
  • The person from Kyoto University arrived 20 minutes after Dr Livelyknees.
  • The person on a scooter arrived 30 minutes after Professor Gowse.
  • The person from Heidelberg University arrived 10 minutes before the person in the taxi. 
  • Dr Livelyknees was either the person from the University of Auckland or the person who arrived in a taxi.
  • Prof du Chattels arrived at 9:30am.

Using the grid below, can you find out the order in which the mathematicians arrived, and their respective home institutions and modes of transport. 

Please submit your answer in grid form as shown below. 

Please email your answers to deputy-director[at][dot]uk and remember to include your name (or the name of the group that you solved the puzzle with) so that we can publish it on our website if you are one of the first few to successfully solve the problem.  

Answers to all puzzles will be published at the end of the month. 

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