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Summer Maths Puzzles - Monday 26 August - Reporting Obfuscation

Reporting Obfuscation

The Director of the Euclid Institute asked her Deputy to prepare a report on the diversity of participants who spent their weekend working in the building. He produced the following report:

  • There were 6 UK-based participants;
  • 12 participants were female;
  • 15 participants were early career researchers (ECRs).

As he handed over the report he commented that of the 25 participants in the building over the weekend:

  • Only 1 was UK based but neither female nor an ECR;
  • There were 4 female ECRs, and 2 UK-based male ECRs;
  • 6 of the particpants were female but neither UK-based nor an ECR.

How many of the 25 participants in the building were UK-based female ECRs and how many were non-UK-based male non-ECRs?

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