The Newton Institute aims to maximise the benefit of its scientific programmes to the UK mathematical science community in the following ways:

Network of Correspondents

In 2002, at the suggestion of the then National Advisory Board, INI established a Network of Correspondents in UK Universities and other academic institutions who act as a channel of communication between the Institute and the mathematical sciences community in the UK. Correspondents are regularly informed about activities of the Institute and facilitate a valuable dialogue between INI and UK mathematical science and play a vital role in shaping the national role of INI.

Current Participants Willing to Speak Elsewhere

All long-term participants in INI programmes are encouraged to give seminars at, or to make short visits to, UK institutions outside Cambridge during their stay. During 2014/15, 48 participants delivered a total of 79 seminars in 34 different institutions.

To support this activity, the Institute will cover the travel expenses involved for any participant who is formally invited to speak at another institution; the host institution is expected to cover any accommodation and incidental costs.

To assist organisers of seminar series at UK Universities in their search for relevant speakers, INI maintains a register of those of its participants who are visiting from overseas for a period of at least two weeks, and who have indicated their willingness to give lectures or seminars elsewhere during their stay. Arrangements are normally made directly with the speaker via the email address given, however, the Institute will be happy to assist in cases where there are difficulties in making direct arrangements.

Open for Business

Open for Business events form part of the Institute’s mission to foster links between academic research and the business world. The aim is to bring together academic researchers in the mathematical sciences with industrial, commercial and government organisations and individuals to enable formal and informal discussion and networking. Open for Business events are organised by the Newton Gateway to Mathematics and whenever appropriate with the Centre for Science and Policy. They are supported by the Higher Education Innovation Fund of the University of Cambridge.

Junior Members

The Institute recognises that early-career researchers have much to contribute to and much to gain from Institute programmes and events. In order to maximise the information available to early-career researchers, and to facilitate their involvement in INI activities, there is a category of Junior Membership of the Newton Institute. To be eligible you must be a Research Student or within 5 years of having received a PhD (with appropriate allowance for career breaks) and you must work or study in a UK University, in a UK academic institution or in a R & D group in industry or commerce. Full details are available on the Junior Member webpage.

Satellite Meetings

INI encourages organisers of 4- or 6-month programmes to cooperate with local organisers in holding Satellite Meetings at UK Universities and institutions outside Cambridge. Satellite Meetings are organised on themes related to an Institute programme, and involve a significant number of the longer-stay overseas participants who are visiting INI at the time. They also, crucially, draw in and involve UK mathematicians and scientists who might not otherwise be able to participate substantially in the programme; and they enable the expertise of the Institute’s over­­­­­­­­­­­seas participants to be shared more widely within the UK.

Spitalfields Days

In conjunction with the London Mathematical Society, INI holds one-day meetings called “Spitalfields Days” (in honour of the Spitalfields Mathematical Society, a precursor of the London Mathematical Society which flourished from 1717 to 1845). Each Spitalfields Day is run as part of one of INI’s programmes and is intended to ensure that recent developments in the area of that programme are made known to the general UK mathematical community, and, in particular, to research students.

Seminars on the Web

All seminars (where permission is given by the speaker) are streamed live and made available for download in our Seminar Archive.

Links with ICMS

The Newton Institute maintains close links with the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh. The two Institutes have distinct yet complementary aims and objectives, and they work together to further mathematical research in the UK. For further details please refer to the “Relationship with ICMS” page.

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