Solidarity list for researchers in the Mathematical Sciences

The ongoing war and resulting humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has forced many scientists to leave their homes. The INI would like to do everything in its power to help alleviate this suffering. With this in mind, we have created the following “Solidarity list” to connect individuals and institutions wishing to offer assistance with those who are urgently in need of it. We hope that this will provide a helpful tool for those affected by the crisis.

Please email to suggest whatever aid you are able to offer. Your submission will then be added to this page. This may take the form of provision of office space, subsistence, housing, short term fellowships/positions, or other means not mentioned here.  Those affected by this conflict and in need of the support offered should contact individuals directly.

– Please note that INI is not responsible for any arrangements made between other parties as a result of these listings.

– We would encourage anyone posting on this list to also cross-post on the excellent

Thank you very much for your help.

We have room in our house, and I have funds on an EPSRC grant that could be used to support travel for someone in topology or data science.

Jeffrey Giansiracusa Durham

Durham, United Kingdom

The School of Mathematical Sciences can provide office space for researchers. We may be able to assist with short term fellowships, subsistence and housing, although some funding would be tied to particular research areas as it is associated with research grants.

Marika Taylor School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton

Southampton, United Kingdom

We can sponsor research visits and host fellowship applications (CARA, EPSRC, Leverhulme, Marie Curie, etc) in combinatorics and various related fields.

Oleg Pikhurko University of Warwick

Coventry, United Kingdom

The Isaac Newton Institute has a Solidarity programme for mathematicians who have to leave their country of residence due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Participants of this programme will be supported for up to six months.

See more at
To apply link through to

Ulrike Tillmann Isaac Newton Institute

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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