At the suggestion of the then National Advisory Board, the Newton Institute established in 2002 a list of correspondents in UK Universities, other academic institutions and R&D groups in industry and commerce. These correspondents act as a channel of communication between the Newton Institute and the mathematical sciences community in the UK. Correspondents are regularly informed about activities of the Institute, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the information is disseminated to the relevant Departments in their institution (especially Departments other than mathematics). Correspondents also provide feedback to the Institute.

In January 2018, the Correspondents Network was branded jointly with ICMS, and became the INI-ICMS Correspondents Network.  This rebranded network launched with the INI-ICMS Correspondents Day meeting on 24 January 2018.

Universities and other relevant bodies not yet represented on this list are encouraged to suggest a suitable nominee.

What is the role of a Newton Institute Correspondent?

What the Institute promises to do:

  • Inform Correspondents of major new decisions or developments
  • Respond to queries, suggestions, comments and criticisms from Correspondents or others in their institution
  • Encourage programme organisers to arrange satellite workshops, with a contribution of £5K from the Institute
  • Maintain lists of potential travelling seminar speakers
  • Hold an annual meeting for Correspondents

What Correspondents are expected to do:

  • Act as a focus in their institution for communication between the Institute and the UK mathematical science community
  • Distribute the information provided by the Institute widely within their institution, especially to relevant departments other than mathematics
  • Ensure that members of their institution are aware of the various sources of information concerning Institute activities (e.g., web site, email lists, etc)
  • Encourage participation in Institute programmes, particularly by younger scientists, and act as a source of advice to members of their institution
  • Promote the Junior Membership scheme
  • Keep the Institute informed of any suggestions, comments or criticisms, and draw its attention to cases where there are (or appear to be) obstacles to participation in Institute programmes
  • Encourage colleagues in their institutions to consider hosting satellite workshops for appropriate Institute programmes
  • Ensure that local seminar organisers are aware of the lists maintained by the Institute

The Newton Institute maintains a register of participants who are willing to give seminars at other UK institutions. Newton Institute Correspondents may find this register useful when looking for a speaker with particular subject knowledge.

Annual Meeting of Correspondents

Previous meeting reports:

Chair of Correspondents

The principal role of Chair of Correspondents is to assist in the coordination of the activity of the Correspondents Network in linking the two Institutes with the UK mathematical sciences community.  The post-holder will serve a 3-year term, which is renewable.

The current (2019-) Chair of Correspondents is Professor Niall MacKay, Head of Department of Mathematics at the University of York.

Previous chairs have been :

  • Professor Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford), 2015 – 2018
  • Professor Michael Singer (UCL), 2013 – 2015
  • Professor Caroline Series FRS (Warwick), 2009 – 2012

List of current Correspondents

Correspondents in UK Universities

Listed Alphabetically by Institution:

Institution Correspondent Name Contact Email
Aberdeen, University of Dr A Sevastyanov
Aberystwyth University Dr R Douglas
Bath, University of Dr A Jarai
Birkbeck College Prof. S Hart
Bradford, University of Prof. A Vourdas
Bristol, University of Prof. T Liverpoll
Brunel University Dr I Smolyarenko
Cardiff University Dr U Pennig
Central Lancashire, University of Dr C Powles
City University London Dr O Kerr
Dundee, University of Dr I Kyza
Durham, University of Dr O Hryniv
East Anglia, University of Dr V Miemietz
Edinburgh, University of Dr. A Karakhanyan
Essex, University of Prof. B Lausen
Exeter, University of Dr Julio Bueno de Andrade
Exeter, University of Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani
Glasgow, University of Dr A Bartel
Greenwich, University of Dr T Reis
Heriot-Watt University Prof. A Sisto
Hertfordshire, University of Dr C Young
Huddersfield, University of Prof. W Lee
Hull, University of Dr W Bentz
Imperial College London Prof. XM Li
Keele University Prof V Shrira
Kent, University of Prof. P Clarkson
King’s College London Prof. N Shepherd-Barron
Lancaster, University of Dr A Turner
Leeds, University of Dr JP Gosling
Leicester, University of Dr F Neumann
Limerick, University of Dr K Burke
Liverpool, University of Prof. V Goryunov
Liverpool John Moores University Dr G Czanner
London Metropolitan University Prof. E Kissin
London School of Economics Prof J van den Heuvel
Loughborough University Prof. A Neishtadt
Manchester, University of Dr H Suess
Napier University Dr F Pomponi
Newcastle, University of Prof. R Henderson
Nottingham, University of Prof. P Houston
Open University Dr S Barbina
Oxford, University of Prof. R Baker
Plymouth, University of Dr C Christopher
Portsmouth, University of Dr A Burbanks
Queen Mary University of London Prof. P Skraba
Queen’s University Belfast Prof. I Todorov
Reading, University of Dr H Boedihardjo
Royal Holloway Dr M Widmer
St Andrews, University of Prof. D Dritschel
Salford, University of Dr E Chadwick
Sheffield, University of Dr K Mackenzie
Sheffield Hallam University Dr E Lingham
Southampton, University of Dr CJ Howls
South Wales, University of Dr G Boswell
Staffordshire University Prof. BL Burrows
St Andrews, University of Dr S Huczynska
Stirling, University of Dr R Norman
Strathclyde University Dr M Grinfeld
Surrey, University of Dr J McOrist
Sussex, University of Dr M Chlebik
Swansea University Prof. T Brzeziński
Ulster, University of Dr M McCartney
University College Dublin Dr M Carey
University College London Prof. T Johnson
Warwick, University of Prof. T Hudson
West of England, University of Dr E Walsh
York, University of Dr N MacKay [Chair, 2019-]
York, University of Dr G Constable

Correspondents in other academic institutions

Listed Alphabetically by Institution:

Institution Correspondent Name Contact Email
Amazon Mr C Saunders
British Geological Survey Dr B Marchant
EPSRC Dr M Lodge
ESRC Dr S Werts
ICMS  Prof. P Glendinning
Institute of Mathematics and Applications Mr D Youdan
Institute of Physics Dr G Lechner
John Innes Centre Dr S Maree
London Mathematical Society Prof. S Huggett
Mathematical Association Mr P Ransom
Microsoft Research Group Dr R Tomioka
Operational Research Society Mr R Hibbs
Ms C McLaughlin
Royal Society of Edinburgh Ms M Chisholm
Royal Statistical Society Prof. S Olhede
Science and Technology Facilities Council Ms S Verth
Schlumberger Cambridge Research Dr P Canizares


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