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Current Correspondents

Correspondents in UK Universities

Listed Alphabetically by Institution

Institution Correspondent Name Contact Email
Aberdeen, University of Dr A Sevastyanov a.sevastyanov[at][dot]uk
Aberystwyth University Dr R Douglas rsd[at][dot]uk
Bath, University of Dr A Jarai A.Jarai[at][dot]uk
Birkbeck College Prof. S Hart s.hart[at][dot]uk
Bradford, University of Prof. A Vourdas a.vourdas[at][dot]uk
Bristol, University of Prof. T Liverpoll maths-research[at][dot]uk
Brunel University Dr I Smolyarenko igor.smolyarenko[at][dot]uk
Cardiff University Dr U Pennig pennigu[at][dot]uk
Central Lancashire, University of Dr C Powles cpowles[at][dot]uk
City University London Dr O Kerr o.s.kerr[at][dot]uk
Dundee, University of Dr I Kyza ikyza[at][dot]uk
Durham, University of Dr O Hryniv ostap.hryniv[at][dot]uk
East Anglia, University of Dr V Miemietz v.miemietz[at][dot]uk
Edinburgh, University of Dr. A Karakhanyan aram6k[at]gmail[dot]com
Essex, University of Prof. B Lausen blausen[at][dot]uk
Exeter, University of Dr Julio Bueno de Andrade j.c.andrade[at][dot]uk
Exeter, University of Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani h.alemi-ardakani[at][dot]uk
Glasgow, University of Dr A Bartel alex.bartel[at][dot]uk
Greenwich, University of Dr T Reis t.reis[at][dot]uk
Heriot-Watt University Prof. A Sisto a.sisto[at][dot]uk
Hertfordshire, University of Dr C Young c.young8[at][dot]uk
Huddersfield, University of Prof. W Lee w.lee[at][dot]uk
Hull, University of Dr W Bentz w.bentz[at][dot]uk
Imperial College London Prof. XM Li[at][dot]uk
Keele University Prof V Shrira v.i.shrira[at][dot]uk
Kent, University of Prof. P Clarkson p.a.clarkson[at][dot]uk
King's College London Prof. N Shepherd-Barron nicholas.shepherd-barron[at][dot]uk
Lancaster, University of Dr A Turner a.g.turner[at][dot]uk
Leeds, University of Dr JP Gosling j.p.gosling[at][dot]uk
Leicester, University of Dr F Neumann fn8[at][dot]uk
Limerick, University of Dr K Burke kevin.burke[at]ul[dot]ie
Liverpool, University of Prof. V Goryunov victor.goryunov[at][dot]uk
Liverpool John Moores University Dr G Czanner g.czanner[at][dot]uk
London Metropolitan University Prof. E Kissin e.kissin[at][dot]uk
London School of Economics Prof J van den Heuvel j.van-den-heuvel[at][dot]uk
Loughborough University Prof. A Neishtadt a.neishtadt[at][dot]uk
Manchester, University of Dr H Suess hendrik.suess[at][dot]uk
Napier University Dr F Pomponi F.Pomponi[at][dot]uk
Newcastle, University of Prof. R Henderson robin.henderson[at][dot]uk
Nottingham, University of Prof. P Houston paul.houston[at][dot]uk
Open University Dr S Barbina silvia.barbina[at][dot]uk
Oxford, University of Prof. R Baker baker[at][dot]uk
Plymouth, University of Dr C Christopher c.christopher[at][dot]uk
Portsmouth, University of Dr A Burbanks andrew.burbanks[at][dot]uk
Queen Mary University of London Prof. S Majid s.majid[at][dot]uk
Queen's University Belfast Prof. I Todorov i.todorov[at][dot]uk
Reading, University of Dr H Boedihardjo h.s.boedihardjo[at][dot]uk
Royal Holloway Dr M Widmer martin.widmer[at][dot]uk
St Andrews, University of Prof. D Dritschel dgd[at][dot]uk
Salford, University of Dr E Chadwick e.a.chadwick[at][dot]uk
Sheffield, University of Dr K Mackenzie k.mackenzie[at][dot]uk
Sheffield Hallam University Dr E Lingham e.lingham[at][dot]uk
Southampton, University of Dr CJ Howls c.j.howls[at][dot]uk
South Wales, University of Dr G Boswell graeme.boswell[at][dot]uk
Staffordshire University Prof. BL Burrows b.l.burrows[at][dot]uk
St Andrews, University of Dr S Huczynska sh70[at][dot]uk
Stirling, University of Dr R Norman rachel.norman[at][dot]uk
Strathclyde University Dr M Grinfeld m.grinfeld[at][dot]uk
Surrey, University of Dr J McOrist
Sussex, University of Dr M Chlebik m.chlebik[at][dot]uk
Swansea University Prof. T Brzeziński t.brzezinski[at][dot]uk
Ulster, University of Dr M McCartney m.mccartney[at][dot]uk
University College Dublin Dr M Carey michelle.carey[at]ucd[dot]ie
University College London Prof. T Johnson erj[at][dot]uk
Warwick, University of Prof. T Hudson t.hudson.1[at][dot]uk
West of England, University of

Dr E Walsh

York, University of Dr N MacKay [Chair, 2019-] niall.mackay[at][dot]uk
York, University of Dr G Constable george.constable[at][dot]uk

Correspondents in other academic institutions

Listed Alphabetically by Institution

Institution Correspondent Name Contact Email
Amazon Mr C Saunders craigsau[at][dot]uk
British Geological Survey Dr B Marchant benmarch[at][dot]uk
EPSRC Dr M Lodge matthew.lodge[at][dot]uk
ESRC Dr S Werts sarah.werts[at][dot]uk
ICMS  Prof. P Glendinning paul.glendinning[at][dot]uk
Institute of Mathematics and Applications Mr D Youdan  david.youdan[at][dot]uk
Institute of Physics Dr G Lechner lechnerg[at][dot]uk
John Innes Centre Dr S Maree stan.maree[at][dot]uk
London Mathematical Society Prof. S Huggett stephen_huggett[at]mac[dot]com
Mathematical Association Mr P Ransom


Microsoft Research Group Dr R Tomioka ryoto[at]microsoft[dot]com
Operational Research Society

Mr R Hibbs
Ms C McLaughlin

Royal Society of Edinburgh Ms M Chisholm mchisholm[at][dot]uk
Royal Statistical Society Prof. S Olhede s.olhede[at][dot]uk
Science and Technology Facilities Council Ms S Verth sarah.verth[at][dot]uk
Schlumberger Cambridge Research Dr P Canizares pcanizares[at]slb[dot]com
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons