Payment for the 2024 HoDoMS Conference.

You can also use this payment method to pay on behalf of a conference delegate.

You can pay by credit/debit card/PayPal (preferred) or bank transfer (BACS). Note that you don’t need a PayPal account.
Once you select the Conference Package, “Pay without a PayPal account” is an option.
You are still required to provide an e-mail, which is used to send you the receipt. Don’t forget to uncheck the “Save information & create your PayPal account” box on the final page when you insert the card details and address.
The payment will show up as being made to Gunnar Hornig, the HoDoMS treasurer.

If you encounter problems, close all browsers on your computer, as cookies left over from previous PayPal payments can lead to errors.

If this doesn’t work, please contact Gunnar Hornig, HoDoMS Treasurer.

HoDoMS Conference Package



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