Published: April 2023

As part of its role within the UK’s higher mathematics infrastructure, INI is proud to set up and support the new UK Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences (KE Hub).

The development of the KE Hub follows the recommendation from an independent review that “a national centre in impactful mathematics for the UK should be created to work with industry and government to drive mathematical research through to commercialisation” – Era of Mathematics, Professor Philip Bond.

The primary aims of the recently established KE Hub are to:

      • Massively scale up KE activity in the UK, leveraging the experience of the mathematical science national infrastructure.
      • Connect together researchers, practitioners, end-users and professionals into Forums which interface with the various activities
      • Support existing KE activity in the community whilst growing the network by nurturing untapped pools of researchers, practitioners, and end-users.
      • Deliver activities through linked projects overseen by the executive team
      • Coordinate support for mathematical science KE projects from beginning to end.

Through a series of linked projects the KE Hub will amplify the voice of practitioners and end-users, increase mobility, create capacity, develop skills, share good practice for low-risk, high-reward entry points in KE, and broker connections.

Further details of the initial consultation document can be found here.

I am delighted to have recently started as the Scientific Director of the UK’s new Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences. I am looking forward to working with the Mathematical Sciences community to build upon the UK’s world-leading activity in Knowledge Exchange and to expanding and enhancing the scale and range of our collective endeavours. We have an exciting time ahead as we launch some early KE Hub initiatives, such as establishing a KE Champion’s congress, offering funding for some KE activities, and providing easy-to-access signposting of opportunities to engage in KE activities, in order to benefit Mathematical Sciences departments across the UK.”

~ Professor Chris Breward, inaugural Scientific Director of the KE Hub

As the modern world becomes more and more data-driven and requiring of more and more quantitative analysis, it is crucial that scientists and those working in industry have direct access to the latest mathematical tools and greatest mathematical minds. Thus, increased and accelerated  knowledge exchange for the mathematical sciences must be a crucial part of any science and technology strategy. To coordinate and promote knowledge exchange at a national level is precisely the task of the KE Hub.”

~ Ulrike Tillmann, Director of the Isaac Newton Institute

Rachael Harris | KE Hub Manager 
Professor Chris Breward | Scientific Director of the KE Hub


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