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Turing Gateway Events

Code Title Dates
TGMW44 Mathematics in the Spirit of Joe Keller 2nd March 2017 to 3rd March 2017
TGMW40 Algorithmic Trading: Perspectives from Mathematical Modelling 1st March 2017
TGMW39 Statistical Scalability for Streaming Data - Programme Launch 15th November 2016
TGMW38 CCIMI New Directions in the Mathematics of Information 10th November 2016
TGMW37 Developments in Healthcare Imaging - Connecting with Industry 19th October 2016
OFBW28 Perspectives on Data Linkage - Techniques, Challenges and Applications 16th September 2016
TGMW36 Soft Matter - Theoretical and Industrial Challenges 7th September 2016 to 9th September 2016
TGMW35 New Directions in Cryptography and Applications to Cyber-Security 15th June 2016
TGMW34 Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information Launch Event 9th May 2016
TGMW33 University of Cambridge Mathematics and Big Data showcase 20th April 2016
TGMW32 Big Data, Multimodality & Dynamic Models in Biomedical Imaging 9th March 2016
TGMW31 EPSRC Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Multimodal Clinical Imaging - Launch Event 8th March 2016
TGMW30 Computational and Data Challenges in Environmental Modelling 10th February 2016
TGMW28 Big Data Analytics for Financial Services 7th January 2016
TGMW29 Data-Rich Phenomena - Modelling, Analysis and Simulations using Partial Differential equations 14th December 2015 to 16th December 2015
OFBW25 Understanding the Mathematics and Physics of Cell Motility and Pattern Formation - Open for Business Event 9th December 2015
TGMW27 Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling 1st December 2015 to 4th December 2015
TGMW26 Environmental Modelling in Industry Study Group 21st September 2015 to 24th September 2015
TGMW22 3rd European Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE) 17th September 2015 to 18th September 2015
OFBW24 Design of Experiments in Drug Development - Open for Business Event 9th July 2015
TGMW25 The Role of Inverse Problems and Optimisation in Uncertainty Quantification 17th June 2015 to 18th June 2015
TGMW24 Challenges in Dynamic Imaging Data 9th June 2015 to 12th June 2015
TGM004 Reasoning via Formal Models in Economics - Normative vs. Positive Models 13th May 2015
TGMW00 Scoping Meeting on Incorporating Uncertainty Quantification into Biophysical Multi-scale Models of the Heart 7th May 2015
TGM003 Reasoning via Formal Models in Economics - Models as Tools 6th May 2015
TGM002 Reasoning via Formal Models in Economics - Models as Parables 29th April 2015
TGMW21 Maths and Public Policy for Health and Society 24th March 2015
TGMW20 Maths and Public Policy for Cities & Infrastructure 11th March 2015
TGMW19 Coping with Big Data - an analytics and computational perspective 7th January 2015
TGMW18 Maths and Public Policy 10th December 2014
TGM-UMC-DEC2014 Understanding Microbial Communities - Developing the Potential 4th December 2014
OFBW23 Understanding Microbial Communities - Developing the Potential - Open for Business Event 4th December 2014
TGMW17 Techniques for Data Linkage and Anonymisation 23rd October 2014
OFBW22 Systemic Risk and Macro-Prudential Regulation: Perspectives from Network Analysis Open for Business Event 13th October 2014
TGM16 Post-Quantum Research - Addressing Future Challenges and Directions 18th September 2014 to 19th September 2014
TGMW15 NC3Rs/POEMS Network Maths Study Group: Mathematical Approaches to 3Rs Problems in Medicine and Healthcare 8th September 2014 to 12th September 2014
OFB21 Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Solutions for Industry Open for Business Event 7th August 2014
OFB20 Water Waves Theories and the Marine Industries Open for Business Event 30th July 2014
TGM001 Biology and Medicine - Interfaces and Free Boundaries Problems 24th June 2014
OFB19 Infectious Disease Dynamics: Mathematical Modelling for Public Health Open for Business Event 5th June 2014
TGMW13 Post-Quantum Research - Identifying Future Challenges and Directions 8th May 2014 to 9th May 2014
OFB18 Metagenomics - Insights from Mathematical, Statistical & Computational Research - Open for Business Event 14th April 2014
TGMW12 2nd UK Workshop on Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE) 19th March 2014 to 20th March 2014
TGMW10 Mathematics for the Prediction of Financial Risk 12th March 2014
TGMW09 University of Cambridge Mathematical Sciences Showcase 29th January 2014
TGM06 1st UK Workshop on Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE) 5th November 2013 to 6th November 2013
TGMW04 Mathematical Finance Gateway Event 28th March 2013
TGMW03 Stochastic and Statistical Models at the Interface of Modern Industry and Mathematical Sciences 27th March 2013
TGMW05 Mathematics of Liquid Crystals: Industrially Inspired Problems 27th March 2013
TGMW02 Policy Support in Communities and Local Government 26th March 2013
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