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The Posters

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January 2000

January poster: MathsCounts

February 2000

Februaryposter: MathsCounts


March 2000

Marchposter: Maths Predicts

April 2000

April poster: Maths isCool


May 2000

May poster: Maths Hots Up

June 2000

June poster: Maths Connects


July 2000

July poster: Maths Evens the Odds

August 2000

August poster: Maths Takes Off


September 2000

September poster: Maths is Vital

October 2000

October poster: Maths Breaks the Code


November 2000

November poster: Maths Makes Waves

December 2000

December poster: Maths is For Ever

  1. Overall Design Copyright © Andrew D Burbanks 1999, 2000
  2. Contributions used with permission.
  3. Commisioned by the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, for World Mathematical Year 2000.
  4. Project supported by Isaac Newton Institute and EPSRC.
  5. Isaac Newton image and Queen's Anniversary Prizes 1999 logo used with permission.
  6. World Mathematical Year 2000 launched by International Mathematical Union, supported by UNESCO.
  7. WMY2000 logo designed by Marie-Claude Vergne (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France)
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