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Six Questions with: Ruchi Chaturvedi

Six Questions with: Ruchi Chaturvedi

Ruchi Chaturvedi is a Faculty Member at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Agra College, and was a Workshop Participant on the Mathematics for the Fluid Earth programme in 2013.

When did you become first interested in mathematics and what keeps your interest fresh?

I was influenced and inspired by my father in primary school. He told me that Mathematics is important for all pure sciences. I keep my interest fresh by reading regularly on new developments. I subscribe to mathematics journals through my University Library and online to update myself.

Could you tell us a little about your career path so far and what your current research involves?

I am a faculty member in Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Agra College, Agra. I cover Engineering Mathematics (Numerical Methods, Quantitative Techniques, and Operational Research). I also believe in empowerment of disadvantaged students and teach them part time as well as motivate them to continue studying. I have attended several workshops, conferences, Faculty development and other training programmes.

My current research covers Fluid Mechanics through Porous Media (Real visco-elastic and visco-plastic fluids). I have eight publications in reputed journals (e.g. IJCT), and six textbooks (two of which are publication ready). My research paper has recently been made a part of Lecture Notes in Imperial College.

What achievements are you most proud of?

  • Best Statistician award, 2013 IPERA (Indian Pschychometric & Educational Research)
  • Life member and Regular Attendee, Indian Science Congress
  • Editor of ISGBRD Research Journal & Insight Journal

How do you achieve a balance between your work and homelife?

I have a supportive husband and son, who actively encourage me to further my research career.

What advice would you offer to young women who are just starting their careers in the mathematical sciences?

Mathematical sciences require discipline and focus, as well as experienced guidance throughout. Have a goal in your mind and make a plan to achieve that goal.

Has your visit to the Isaac Newton Institute been fruitful?

It was a very rewarding visit and provided exposure to other areas of current research. I managed to interact with attendees working in "Extreme Events in Earth Science" and "Non Equilibrium Mechanics" which helped me develop over these few days.

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