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Carter-Payne homomorphisms for Hecke algebras

Tuesday 16th June 2009 - 15:15 to 16:15
INI Seminar Room 1
In a famous paper Carter and Payne, building on work of Carter and Lusztig, constructed a family of homomorphisms between different Specht modules and Weyl modules of the symmetric and general linear groups, respectively. In a few special cases these maps have been generalised to give corresponding maps between the q-analogues of the Specht modules and Weyl modules, however, the full q-analogue of Carter-Payne remains open. In this talk I will describe an q-analogue of the Carter-Payne maps which are indexed by partitions with "large gaps". If time permits I will also describe how to lift Carter-Payne maps to the graded setting. This is joint work with Sinead Lyle.
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