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Kink stochastics

Thursday 1st July 2010 - 10:10 to 11:00
INI Seminar Room 1
Localised coherent structures are a striking feature of noisy, nonlinear, spatially-extended systems. In one space dimension with local bistability, coherent structures are kinks. At late times, a steady-state density is dynamically maintained: kinks are nucleated in pairs, diffuse and annihilate on collision. Long-term averages can be calculated using the transfer-integral method, developed in the 1970s, giving exact results that can be compared with large-scale numerical solutions of SPDE. More recently, the equivalence between the stationary density (in space) of an SPDE and that of a suitably-chosen diffusion process (in time) has been used, by a different community of researchers, to perform sampling of bridge diffusions. In this talk, diffusion-limited reaction is the name given to a reduced model of the SPDE dynamics, in which kinks are treated as point particles. Some quantities, such as the mean number of particles per unit length, can be calculated exactly.
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