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Earth system modeling strategies on extreme scale architectures

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Tom Edwards Cray Inc.
Wednesday 24th October 2012 - 13:30 to 14:15
Achieving the highest possible performance capability is a key requirement for earth system modeling community. Extreme scale architectures, including those currently available, provide opportunities for the advancement of simulation capabilities and present challenges for the HPC community as a whole. A number of significant factors have been identified in the development and deployment of Exascale systems. Approaches to address these challenges will strongly influence modeling strategies. As we enter into the Exascale era, a determinant for success will be greater levels of cooperation between model developers and the broader HPC community. Several modeling groups have already engaged in co-development approaches to identify and address factors limiting performance, scalability and efficiency. A further consideration moving forward will be the impact on HPC architectures and workflows as the science community becomes increasingly engaged with data intensive approaches.
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