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Mechanogenetic reciprocal coupling in early embryonic differentiation and morphogenesis, and evolutionary involvement in primitive organisms emergence

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E Farge Institut Curie
Thursday 27th June 2013 - 16:00 to 16:45
Center for Mathematical Sciences
Biochemical patterning and morphogenetic movements coordinate the design of embryonic development. The molecular processes through which differentiation patterning closely controls the development of morphogenetic movements are today becoming well understood. Recent experimental evidence demonstrates that mechanical cues generated by morphogenesis activate mechano-transduction pathways, which conversely regulate the tissue differentiation and acto-myosin dependent active morphogenesis of embryonic development (1). Such mechanotransduction processes was discovered at Drosophila embryos gastrulation (2). These include the Armadillo/β-catenin dependent mechanical activation of the master differentiation patterning protein Twist (2,3) and the Fog dependent mechanical activation of the master morphogenetic patterning protein Myosin-II (4). Experiments combining genetics and biomechanics physiological perturbations, with theoretical analysis and simulation of the mechanoge netic control of early drosophila development, showed that these mechanotransduction processes are required for the physiological functions of mid-gut differentiation and mesoderm invagination, respectively (2,3,4). They also indicate the evolutionary involvement of such mechanotransductive processes in the emergence of primitive animals first morphogenetic and differentiation patterns (1,2,5).

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