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Nonlocal models for interaction driven cell movement

Presented by: 
Alf Gerisch
Friday 11th December 2015 - 11:30 to 12:30
INI Seminar Room 1
Authors: A. Gerisch, K.J. Painter, J.M. Bloomfield, J.A. Sherratt    

Instructing others to move is fundamental for many populations, whether animal or cellular. Often such commands are transmitted by contact, such that an instruction is relayed directly from signaller to receiver: for cells, this can occur via receptor–ligand mediated interactions at their membranes, potentially at a distance if a cell extends long filopodia. Given that commands ranging from attractive to repelling can be transmitted over variable distances and between cells of the same (homotypic) or different (heterotypic) type, these mechanisms can clearly have a significant impact on the organisation of a tissue.   In this talk we consider nonlocal models based on integro-PDEs to model contact based cell movement. We describe some specific applications and highlight the mathematical and numerical challenges that the models present.
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