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Conformal field theory out of equilibrium

Presented by: 
Benjamin Doyon King's College London
Thursday 26th January 2017 - 10:00 to 11:00
INI Seminar Room 1
Non-equilibrium conformal field theory is the application of methods of conformal field theory to states that are far from equilibrium. I will describe exact results for current-carrying steady-states that occur in the partitioning protocol: two baths (half-lines) are independently thermalized at different temperatures, then joined together and let to evolve for a large time. Results include the exact energy current, the exact scattering map describing steady-state averages and correlations of all fields in the energy sector (the stress-energy tensor and its descendants), and the full scaled cumulant generating function describing the fluctuations of energy transport. I will also explain how, in space-time, the steady state occurs between contact discontinuities beyond which lie the asymptotic baths. If time permits, I will review how these results generalize to higher-dimensional conformal field theory, and to non-conformal integrable models. This is work in collaboration with Denis Bernard.
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