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Shear flow over patches of flexible surface and related near-surface interactions

Presented by: 
Frank Thomas Smith
Friday 6th October 2017 - 09:00 to 09:45
INI Seminar Room 1
Shear flow over a three-dimensional hydroelastic surface patch or patches is considered here, modelling the interactive effects encountered well within an incident atmospheric or sea-water boundary layer. The configuration has a finite patch or an array of patches of flexible surface which are sited in an otherwise quasi-fixed solid surface. The scaled viscous-inviscid response depends on the shear, the viscosity and therefore the vorticity, as well as ice-patch parameters and three-dimensionality. Related modelling of debris, particle and ice-shard movements involves fluid/body interaction. Analysis and computations on linear and nonlinear effects often leading to flow transition are to be described.
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