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A PDE construction of the Euclidean $\Phi^4_3$ quantum field theory

Presented by: 
Martina Hofmanova
Thursday 25th October 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00
INI Seminar Room 1
We present a self-contained construction of the Euclidean $Phi^4$ quantum field theory on $mathbb{R}^3$ based on PDE arguments. More precisely, we consider an approximation of the stochastic quantization equation on $mathbb{R}^3$ defined on a periodic lattice of mesh size $varepsilon$ and side length $M$. We introduce an energy method and prove tightness of the corresponding Gibbs measures as $varepsilon ightarrow 0$, $M ightarrow infty$. We show that every limit point satisfies reflection positivity, translation invariance and nontriviality (i.e. non-Gaussianity). Our argument applies to arbitrary positive coupling constant and also to multicomponent models with $O(N)$ symmetry. Joint work with Massimiliano Gubinelli.
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