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E.g., 2020-04-06
E.g., 2020-04-06
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Matilde Lalín CANCELLED The Mahler measure of a genus 3 family
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Minhyong Kim CANCELLED Principal Bundle in Diophantine Geometry
KAHW03 30th March 2020 Christopher Deninger CANCELLED tba
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Free Time
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Maria Yakerson CANCELLED Motivic generalized cohomology theories from framed perspective
KAHW02 27th March 2020 Georg Tamme CANCELLED On a conjecture of Vorst
GRA 26th March 2020 Derek Holt CANCELLED Polynomial time computation in > matrix groups and applications
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Adeel Khan CANCELLED Chow-theoretic vs. K-theoretic Gromov-Witten invariants
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Nikita Semenov CANCELLED Hopf-theoretic approach to motives of twisted flag varieties
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Toni Annala CANCELLED Derived Algebraic Cobordism
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Anand Sawant CANCELLED $\mathbb A^1$-connected components of ruled surfaces
KAHW02 26th March 2020 Simon Pepin lehalleur CANCELLED Exponential motives and the Fourier transform
KAHW02 25th March 2020 Wiesława Nizioł CANCELLED p-adic comparison theorems for rigid analytic spaces
KAHW02 25th March 2020 Vasudevan Srinivas CANCELLED Algebraic versus topological entropy for varieties over finite fields
KAHW02 24th March 2020 Burt Totaro CANCELLED The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds of Kodaira dimension zero.
KAHW02 24th March 2020 Kirsten Wickelgren CANCELLED A1-Euler classes: six functors formalisms, dualities, integrality and linear subspaces of complete intersections
KAHW02 24th March 2020 Free Time
KAHW02 24th March 2020 Christian Haesemeyer CANCELLED On K-theories of monoids
GRA 24th March 2020 Pablo Spiga CANCELLED On the asymptotic > enumeration of Cayley digraphs and their friends
KAHW02 24th March 2020 Marc Hoyois CANCELLED Milnor excision for motivic spectra
KAHW02 23rd March 2020 Gunnar Carlsson CANCELLED Representation theoretic models for the algebraic K-theory of fields
KAHW02 23rd March 2020 Takeshi Saito CANCELLED Graded quotients of ramification groups of a local field with imperfect residue field
KAHW02 23rd March 2020 Federico Binda CANCELLED tba
KAH 18th March 2020 Charles Weibel Motivic homotopy and motivic cohomology.
GRAW03 18th March 2020 Martin Liebeck Binary groups
GRAW03 18th March 2020 Martin Kassabov Presentation of simple groups of Ree type
GRAW03 17th March 2020 Cheryl Praeger Kirk Lecture: The mathematics of Shuffling
KAH 17th March 2020 Charles Weibel K-theory and motivic cohomology (including the Lichtenbaum conjecture for zetaF(1-2i)).
GRAW03 17th March 2020 Nikolay Nikolov Rank gradient in profinite groups
GRAW03 17th March 2020 Aner Shalev Subset products and applications
GRAW03 17th March 2020 Tim Burness The length and depth of a group
KAH 16th March 2020 David Loeffler Iwasawa theory, special values of L-functions, and regulators, I.
GRAW03 16th March 2020 Emmanuel Breuillard Expanders and word maps.
GRAW03 16th March 2020 Michael Giudici Simple groups and graph symmetry
GRAW03 16th March 2020 William Timothy Gowers Partial associativity and rough approximate groups
GRA 12th March 2020 Joanna Fawcett Homogeneity in graphs
KAH 12th March 2020 Pearl sttein
KAH 12th March 2020 Anthony Scholl Regulators and the plectic polylogarithm
GRA 10th March 2020 Niamh Farrell Decomposition matrices for quasi-isolated blocks of exceptional groups
KAH 9th March 2020 Souvik Goswami Higher arithmetic Chow groups.
GRA 5th March 2020 Justin Lynd Fusion systems with Benson-Solomon components
KAH 5th March 2020 Jens Hornbostel Chow-Witt groups and the real cycle class map.
GRA 3rd March 2020 Mikko Korhonen Unipotent elements in irreducible representations of simple algebraic groups
KAH 2nd March 2020 James Plowman A construction of Witt complexes via residual complexes.
GRA 27th February 2020 David Benson Summands of tensor powers of modules for a finite group
KAH 27th February 2020 Claudio Pedrini The transcendental motive of a a cubic fourfold
KAH 26th February 2020 Jose Burgos Gil Higher height paining and extensions of mixed Hodge structures.
GRA 25th February 2020 Valentina Grazian Exotic fusion systems
KAH 24th February 2020 Mao Sheng Arithmetic version of Deligne’s semisimplicity theorem, and beyond.
GRA 20th February 2020 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Hyperbolic generalized triangle groups, property (T) and finite simple quotients
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