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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-04-30
E.g., 2017-04-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
HTL 27th April 2017 Anthony Licata The 2-linearity of the free group and the topology of the punctured disc
OAS 27th April 2017 Ingo Runkel Traces in non-semisimple categories
NPC 27th April 2017 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Exotic lattices and simple locally compact groups
NPC 26th April 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: nilprogressions and the structure theorem.
OAS 25th April 2017 Yuki Arano Representation theory of Drinfeld doubles (Part 2)
NPC 25th April 2017 John Parker Non-arithmetic lattices
NPC 25th April 2017 Frédéric Paulin On diagonal group actions, trees and continued fractions in positive characteristic
HTL 20th April 2017 Francesco Lin Bar Natan's deformation of Khovanov homology and involutive monopole Floer homology
OAS 20th April 2017 Andrew McKee Herz--Schur multipliers and approximation properties
NPC 20th April 2017 Brian Bowditch Bounding genera of singular surfaces
NPC 20th April 2017 Andreas Aaserud Property (T) and approximate conjugacy of actions
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Wrap-up and Questions
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Bogdan Roman Fidelity and Resolution in Undersampled Physical Imaging
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Emma Robinson The Human Connectome Project Multimodal Cortical Parcellation: New Avenues for Brain Research
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Leanne Poole Introduction
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Richard Goodwin Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Drug Discovery: The Challenges and Opportunities for Molecular Imaging from Single Cells, Preclinical Models and Through to Intraoperatively
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Jack Spencer, Djamal Boukerroui Segmentation of Organs at Risk for Radiotherapy Planning
NPC 19th April 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Hilbert's 5th problem and the Gleason-Yamabe theorem
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Ke Chen Introduction to Imaging and Data Integration With an Update from LCMH
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Elevator Pitch Summary
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Gopi Shah Light Sheet Microscopy in Cancer Research: Imaging the Dynamics of Physiologically Relevant 3D Models
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Kenneth Mangion Cardiac MRI and Myocardial Infarction: the role of Mathematical Modelling
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Lauric Ferrat Calibration of the Heart Model: Dealing with Uncertainty
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Michael Roberts Modelling Challenges in Segmentation of Lung Images in Presence of Missing Data
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Michele Siggel-King Development of Cancer Diagnostics using mid-Infrared Imaging including FEL-based SNOM
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Paul Expert Localising Shapes in Neuroimaging Data
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Neil Oxtoby Imaging plus X: Data-driven Models of Neurological Disease Progression
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Ivana Drobnjak Microstructure Imaging with Diffusion MRI
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Daniel Alexander Introduction
TGMW42 19th April 2017 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Ke Chen Welcome and Introduction with update from CMIH
NPC 19th April 2017 Mikolaj Fraczyk Benjamini-Schramm convergence of arithmetic orbifolds.
OAS 18th April 2017 Yuki Arano Representation theory of Drinfeld doubles (Part 1)
NPC 18th April 2017 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Exotic lattices and simple locally compact groups
HTLW03 13th April 2017 Amer Iqbal BPS states of M5-brane on T^3
HTLW03 13th April 2017 Alexey Sleptsov Colored knot invariants from Reshetikhin-Turaev approach
HTLW03 13th April 2017 Piotr Sulkowski BPS states, knots and quivers
NPC 13th April 2017 Karen Vogtmann RAAG subgroups of RAAGs
HTLW03 13th April 2017 Mohammed Abouzaid Towards a symplectic model of odd Khovanov homology
NPC 13th April 2017 Indira Chatterji Median spaces and spaces with thin triangles.
NPC 12th April 2017 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Exotic lattices and simple locally compact groups
HTLW03 12th April 2017 Tobias Ekholm Higher genus knot contact homology and recursion for the colored HOMFLY polynomial
HTLW03 12th April 2017 Pavel Putrov Integrality in analytically continued Chern-Simons theory
HTLW03 11th April 2017 Paul Wedrich On colored link homologies
HTLW03 11th April 2017 Ramadevi Pichai Arborescent knots, mutants - current status on their invariants
OAS 11th April 2017 Kenny De Commer I-factorial quantum torsors and Heisenberg algebras of quantized enveloping type
HTLW03 11th April 2017 Piotr Kucharski Knots, (extremal) A-polynomials, and BPS invariants
HTLW03 11th April 2017 Matthew Hogancamp Khovanov-Rozansky homology and q,t Catalan numbers
NPC 11th April 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: Hrushovski's Lie model theorem
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