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E.g., 2021-06-18
E.g., 2021-06-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
NEWW01 18th May 2021 Timothy Browning Paucity, primes and Campana Points
NEWW01 18th May 2021 Emmanuel Peyre Distribution of Rational Points
NEWW01 18th May 2021 Claire Voisin On the Coniveau of Rationally Connected 3-folds
ARA 18th May 2021 Alba Grassi Spectral problems and Painlevé equations
NEWW01 17th May 2021 Sarah Zerbes Euler Systems and the Birch—Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
NEWW01 17th May 2021 Henri Darmon Modular Symbols, P-adic L-Functions, and Rigid Meromorphic Cocycles
NEWW01 17th May 2021 Barry Mazur Thoughts About Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, and About Conjectures in the Style of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer
NEWW01 17th May 2021 Christie Marr Welcome
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Panel Discussion
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Edward Hill, Robert Challen Understanding Current Trends and Potential Impacts of Variants of Concern
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Challenges in Control of COVID-19
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Ellen Brooks Pollock Five Uses of Social Contact Data During COVID
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Mike Tildesley Costs and Benefits of COVID-19 Response
JUNW02 17th May 2021 Julia Gog, Matt Keeling Update on JUNIPER consortium activities
VSOW03 14th May 2021 Rajeev Alur Formal Verification for Safe Autonomy
VSOW03 14th May 2021 Break
VSOW03 14th May 2021 Pavithra Prabhakar Abstractions for Scalable Verification of AI-Controlled Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
VSOW03 14th May 2021 Sanjit Seshia Algorithmic Improvisation for Verified Autonomy
VSOW03 14th May 2021 Thomas Henzinger Quantitative and Approximate Monitoring
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Annabelle McIver How to change a Government's mind
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Jade Alglave Arm Memory Model
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Adam Chlipala Fiat Cryptography: A Code-Generation Approach to Correct-by-Construction Cryptography
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Martin Vechev Certified Deep Learning
ARA 13th May 2021 Benjamin Withers From quasinormal modes to constitutive relations
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Marta Zofia Kwiatkowska Probabilistic Model Checking for the Data-Rich World
VSOW03 13th May 2021 Hongseok Yang Towards Verified Stochastic Variational Inference for Probabilistic Programs
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Javier Esparza Verifying Almost-Sure Termination of Replicated Systems
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Jean-Francois Raskin Monte Carlo Tree Search Guided by Symbolic Advice for MDPs
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Zachary Kincaid Robust Program Analysis
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Justin Hsu Data-Driven Invariant Learning for Probabilistic Programs
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Karthikeyan Bhargavan Putting Verified Crypto into Your Web Browser
VSOW03 12th May 2021 Véronique Cortier Formal Verification of Security Protocols - The Example of Electronic Voting
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Alexandra Silva Prognosis: Black-Box Analysis of Network Protocol Implementations
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Aarti Gupta Abstract Interpretation of Distributed Network Control Planes
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Viktor Vafeiadis Making Stateless Model Checking Stateless Again
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Amal Ahmed Verifying Soundness of Foreign-Function Interfaces
ARA 11th May 2021 Michal P. Heller Resurgence in Relativistic Hydrodynamics: Bjorken Flow Results
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Lars Birkedal Program Verification on a Capability Machine in the Presence of Untrusted Code
VSOW03 11th May 2021 Ilya Sergey Practical Smart Contract Sharding with Ownership and Commutativity Analysis
VSOW03 10th May 2021 Rupak Majumdar Random Testing and Formal Methods
VSOW03 10th May 2021 Ahmed Bouajjani Verification of Concurrent Programs under Persistent Weak Memory Models
VSOW03 10th May 2021 Anca Muscholl Learning Sound Negotiations
VSOW03 10th May 2021 Maurice Herlihy Verifying Smart Contracts
VSOW03 10th May 2021 Tony Hoare VSI: A Personal History of its Early Origins
ARA 6th May 2021 Andrew Neitzke Exact WKB and abelianization of flat connections
ARA 6th May 2021 Gergő Nemes Resurgent methods in exact WKB analysis - Discussion Leader Dr Gergő Nemes
TGMW93 5th May 2021 Zoe Kourtzi AI-guided Prognostic Trajectory Modelling in Dementia
TGMW93 5th May 2021 Mihaela van der Schaar Why Medicine is Creating Exciting New Frontiers for Machine Learning
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