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E.g., 2018-12-14
E.g., 2018-12-14
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Kate Saunders Finding a Rough Path through Disruptive Innovation in Mental Health
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Rama Cont Classification and Monitoring of Dynamic Trading Strategies
HHH 27th November 2018 David Ayala Orthogonal group and adjoints
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Lianwen Jin Large Scale and Unconstrained Online Handwritten Chinese Character/Text Recognition Based on Deep Learning and Path Signature
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Steve Naylor Analysis of Multimodal Streamed Data in Workplaces for Better Health and Safety Decision-Making - Opportunities and Challenges
HHH 27th November 2018 Claudia Scheimbauer Constructing extended AKSZ topological field theories in derived symplectic geometry
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Paul King Predicting an Adversarys Courses of Action from Sparse Observations
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Weixin Yang Action Recognition from Landmark Data
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Daniel Wilson-Nunn Recognising Arabic Handwriting
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Paul Moore Experiments in Predicting Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Imanol Perez Using Signatures to Predict Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Progression
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Xin Zhang Gesture Recognition Using the Signature Features
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Hao Ni Learning to Approximate Controlled Systems
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Terry Lyons Rough Paths - Streamed Data
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
HHH 26th November 2018 Doug Ravenel The slice filtration and slice spectral sequence
SRQ 26th November 2018 Mircea Petrache Large-N asymptotics of energy-minimizing measures on N-point configurations
SRQ 23rd November 2018 Ilya Chevyrev Yang-Mills measure on the two-dimensional torus as a random distribution
HHH 22nd November 2018 Doug Ravenel The Pontrjagin twist
HHH 22nd November 2018 Michael Joachim On the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture
HHH 22nd November 2018 Jesper Grodal Savour thy units! (or why the p-adics sometimes beats the integers)
HHH 22nd November 2018 Alexander Berglund Rational models for automorphisms of fiber bundles
SRQ 21st November 2018 Thierry Levy The partition function of the 2-dimensional Yang—Mills model
HHH 20th November 2018 Markus Szymik Symmetry groups of algebraic structures and their homology
HHH 20th November 2018 George Raptis Devissage theorems in algebraic K-theory
HHH 19th November 2018 Doug Ravenel The Kervaire invariant problem at odd primes
SRQ 19th November 2018 Massimiliano Gubinelli A variational approach to Phi^4_3
SRQ 16th November 2018 Pronob Mitter Introduction to the Renormalisation Group
HHH 15th November 2018 Mingcong Zeng Slice Differentials
HHH 15th November 2018 Manuel Krannich A Hermitian K-group via geometry
HHH 15th November 2018 Michael Ching What is a pro-operad?
HHH 15th November 2018 Scott Balchin Grout (or the story of how my coauthor stopped me from naming things)
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Hamza Fawzi, Alberto J. Coca Poster Prize & Close
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Denise Vlachou Analyses of Single-cell RNA-seq Data using Community Detection
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Noemie Debroux A Joint Segmentation/Registration Model and Deformation-Informed PCA
SRQ 14th November 2018 Pronob Mitter Introduction to the Renormalisation Group
TGMW62 14th November 2018 David Johnson Better Data Science, Better Decisions
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Dan Klein Understanding Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Through User Need
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Edward Ayers Taking Limits in Lean
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Derek Driggs Optimisation in Continuous Time
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Thomas Marge Integrated Offshore Wind Farm Design: Optimising Micrositing and Cable Layout Simultaneously
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Torben Sell Markov Chain Monte Carlo on Function Spaces - Different Ansätze for Different Goals
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Eric Hanson A Brief Introduction to the Students of the CCIMI
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Tom Gillam Trading Markets with Online Convex Optimisation
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Sergio Bacallado Structure-activity Relationship Modelling and the Design of Adaptive Screening Cascades
TGMW62 14th November 2018 Matthew Killeya, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction. Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
HHH 13th November 2018 Anna Marie Bohmann Tools for understanding topological coHochschild homology
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