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E.g., 2019-09-18
E.g., 2019-09-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GCS 18th September 2019 Linyu Peng Variational systems on the variational bicomplex
GCS 18th September 2019 Blanca Ayuso De Dios Constructing Discontinuous Galerkin methods for Vlasov-type systems
CAT 17th September 2019 Andre Weideman Dynamics of Complex Singularities of Nonlinear PDEs: Analysis and Computation
CATW01 13th September 2019 Rod Halburd Local and global branching of solutions of differential equations
CATW01 13th September 2019 Lesley Ward The harmonic-measure distribution function of a planar domain, and the Schottky-Klein prime function
CATW01 13th September 2019 Mohamed Nasser PlgCirMap: A MATLAB toolbox for computing the conformal maps from polygonal multiply connected domains onto circular domains
CATW01 12th September 2019 Nathan Hayford A Baker Function for Laplacian Growth and Phase Transitions
CATW01 12th September 2019 Dmitry Ponomarev Kelvin transform and Fourier analysis for explicit reconstruction formulae in paleomagnetic context
CATW01 12th September 2019 Vikas Krishnamurthy Steady point vortices in a field of Stuart-type vorticity
CATW01 12th September 2019 Mihai Putinar Hyponormal quantization of planar domains
CATW01 12th September 2019 Elena Luca Viscous flows in channel geometries
CATW01 12th September 2019 Björn Gustafsson Geometric function theory and vortex motion: the role of connections
CATW01 12th September 2019 Peter Clarkson Painleve Equations - Nonlinear Special Functions III
GCS 11th September 2019 Gianluca Frasca-Caccia Numerical preservation of local conservation laws
GCS 11th September 2019 Peter Hydon Conservation laws and Euler operators
CATW01 11th September 2019 Oleg Lisovyy Painlevé functions, Fredholm determinants and combinatorics
CATW01 11th September 2019 Bruno Carneiro da Cunha Isomonodromic tau functions, the constructive approach to conformal maps, and black holes.
CATW01 11th September 2019 Peter Clarkson Painleve Equations - Nonlinear Special Functions II
CATW01 10th September 2019 Davide Guzzetti A technique to solve some isomonodromy deformation problems, with applications
CATW01 10th September 2019 Jan Zur Computing all zeros of harmonic mappings in the plane
CATW01 10th September 2019 Kerstin Jordaan Asymptotic zero distribution of generalized hypergeometric polynomials
CATW01 10th September 2019 Arno Kuijlaars The spherical model with two external charges.
CATW01 10th September 2019 Walter Van Assche Zero distribution of discrete orthogonal polynomials on a q-lattice
CATW01 10th September 2019 Peter Clarkson Painleve Equations - Nonlinear Special Functions I
CATW01 9th September 2019 Alfredo Deaño Painlevé equations and non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles
CATW01 9th September 2019 Andre Nachbin Conformally mapping water waves: top, bottom or sides.
CATW01 9th September 2019 Jonatan Lenells Large gap asymptotics at the hard edge for Muttalib-Borodin ensembles
CATW01 9th September 2019 Beatrice Pelloni Boundary value problems on a finite interval, fractalisation and revivals
CATW01 9th September 2019 Mark Ablowitz New Integrable Nonlocal Nonlinear Equations and Solitons
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Lunch, Posters and Finish
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Mike Cates Open Discussion and Wrap-up
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Tom McLeish Round table discussion - Sustainable Eco Plastics
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Jens-Uwe Sommer From the LCST Transition to Aquamelts
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Tea and Coffee
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Rudy Koopmans Icarus' Dream
TGMW67 6th September 2019 Tony Ryan Soft Matter in the Circular Economy: Both the Product and the Packaging
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Workshop dinner (Gonville and Caius, West Road Site)
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Poster Exhibition and Networking
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Yuting Li Non-equilibrium Phase Separation with Chemical Reactions
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Elsen Tjhung Theory and Simulations of Liquid Crystal Emulsions
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Ren Liu Towards DNA-Driven Re-Entrant Gelation of Pluronic Solutions
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Sepideh Khodaparast Spontaneous Formation of Multilamellar Vesicles in Micellar Solutions of Anionic Surfactants
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Jin Sun Testing the Wyart-Cates Model for Thickening Rheology using Binary Granular Suspensions
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Mazi Jalaal Active Droplets: A Path to Chaos
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Adil Mughal Equilibrium Configurations of Hard Spheres in a Cylindrical Harmonic Potential
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Jakub Dolezal Large Deviations and Optimal Control Forces for Diffusing Hard Particles in One Dimension
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Hideki Kobayashi The Self-consistent Multi-scale Simulation of Complex Fluids
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Simon Ramirez Hinestrosa Computing Polymer Diffusiophoretic Mobilities
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Paula Gago An Invasion Percolation Model for the Study of Fluid Injection Driven Fracturing in Weakly Consolidated Granular Media
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Christopher Ness Absorbing-state Transitions in Granular Materials Close to Jamming
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