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E.g., 2019-06-26
E.g., 2019-06-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Pearse Keane The Moorfields - DeepMind Collaboration - Reinventing the Eye Exam using Deep Learning
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Neil Lawrence Meta Modelling and Deploying Machine Learning Software
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Thomas Strohmer Privacy Preserving Machine Learning: A Human Imperative?
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Laura Thesing A Stable Learning Framework
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Matthew Colbrook On Instabilities of Deep Learning in Image Reconstruction - Part II
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Vegard Antun On Instabilities of Deep Learning in Image Reconstruction - Part I
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Jennifer Boon The Ethics of Algorithmic Decision Making
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Hamza Fawzi Fundamental Limitations on Adversarial Robustness
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Alhussein Fawzi Robustness and Geometry of Deep Neural Networks
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Anders Hansen Introduction
OFBW46 23rd May 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
ASC 21st May 2019 Ronald DeVore Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Optimality of Algorithms for Approximation/Computation
DNM 21st May 2019 Ibrahim Fatkullin Gibbs Ensembles of Partitions: from limit shapes to hydrodynamic limits
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Dicussion and Questions
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Ivan Smalyukh Developing Liquid Crystalline Aerogels for Thermal Insulation in Buildings
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Oren Scherman Controlling Dynamic Interfacial Self-Assembly in Functional Materials
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Eugene Terentjev Mathematics of Self-Healing Materials with Exchangeable Bonds
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Armin Sepp Where Do New Medicines Come From? Mechanistic Modelling and Simulation for Bispecific Antibodies
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Jeremy Baumberg Plasmonic Mathematics
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Lucy Colwell Mathematical Innovations for Drug Design
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Cliff Jones Help! Liquid Crystal Device Physicist Without Mathematical Skill Seeks Solutions to Various Problems
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Henning Sirringhaus Design Challenges in Transistor Technologies for Flexible Displays and Thin Film Applications
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Tim Wilkinson Design Innovations and Challenges for Photonics and Electronics Materials
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Miha Ravnik Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme 'The Mathematical Design of New Materials'
OFBW48 20th May 2019 Christie Marr, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Dwaipayan Chakrabarti Colloids Get Creative: Key to Open Crystals
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Antonio Prados Building and optimising finite-time adiabatic processes in stochastic thermodynamics
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Douwe Jan Bonthuis Charging of neutral solutes in water
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Henrik Ronellenfitsch Inverse design of discrete mechanical metamaterials
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Antonio DeSimone Reconfigurable surfaces with controlled stretching and shearing: from biological templates to engineering devices
DNMW03 17th May 2019 Ivan Smalyukh Nematic colloidal micro-motors powered by light
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Katherine Macmillan Materials from Colloidal Particles using Optical Fields
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Lidia Mrad Constrained Energy Minimization for Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Apala Majumdar Nematic Pattern Formation on 2D Polygons - a Landau de Gennes study
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Simon Copar Flow-induced states in channel-confined nematics
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Claudio Zannoni Bottom Up Modelling of Liquid Crystals and Device Applications
DNMW03 16th May 2019 John Ball Some remarks on mathematical theories of liquid crystals
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Tom Lubensky Elasticity and Response in Mechanical Topological Lattices
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Ziga Kos Design of micro-confinement for controlled structure formation in non-equilibrium nematic fluids
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Sriram Ramaswamy Fluid flocks with inertia
DNMW03 16th May 2019 Igor Musevic Topological defect formation in a nematic undergoing an extreme temperature quench
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Tom Lubensky Colloquium: Review of the 2019 NAS Decadal Survey on Materials Research
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Davide Marenduzzo Self-assembly of liquid crystal mixtures: cubic fluid cylinders, elastic emulsions and colloid-active gels composites
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Miha Ravnik Design of passive and active passive nematic defects
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Anja Pusovnik Liquid crystal metamaterials from nematic colloidal platelets
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Daphne Klotsa A touch of non-linearity: mesoscale swimmers and active matter in fluids
DNMW03 15th May 2019 Monica Olvera de la Cruz Control of Magnetoelastic Matter
DNMW03 14th May 2019 Mikhail Osipov Orientational ordering and self-organisation of nanoparticles in liquid crystal and polymer nanocomposites
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