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E.g., 2019-12-11
E.g., 2019-12-11
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW72 27th November 2019 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Camilla Schelpe Welcome and Introduction - Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
GCS 26th November 2019 Anders Hansen On the Solvability Complexity Index (SCI) hierarchy - Establishing the foundations of computational mathematics
GCS 26th November 2019 Evelyne Hubert Symmetry Preserving Interpolation
CAT 26th November 2019 Scott McCue Some old and new moving boundary problems for Hele-Shaw flow
CAT 21st November 2019 Peter Clarkson Symmetric Orthogonal Polynomials
GCS 21st November 2019 Peter Clarkson Symmetric Orthogonal Polynomials
GCS 21st November 2019 Elena Celledoni Deep learning as optimal control problems and Riemannian discrete gradient descent.
GCS 21st November 2019 Benedict Leimkuhler Some thoughts about constrained sampling algorithms
GCS 21st November 2019 Alessandro Barp Hamiltonian Monte Carlo on Homogeneous Manifolds for QCD and Statistics.
GCS 20th November 2019 Miranda Holmes-Cefron A Monte Carlo method to sample a Stratification
GCS 20th November 2019 Jonathan Goodman Step size control for Newton type MCMC samplers Jonathan Goodman
GCS 20th November 2019 Tony Lelievre title tba
GCS 20th November 2019 CANCELLED
CAT 19th November 2019 Jonathan Chapman Some problems in exponential asymptotics
CAT 15th November 2019 Thanasis Fokas The Unified Transform, Medical Imaging, Asymptotics of the Riemann Zeta Function: Part II
CAT 15th November 2019 Thanasis Fokas The Unified Transform, Medical Imaging, Asymptotics of the Riemann Zeta Function: Part I
CAT 14th November 2019 Mark Ablowitz Rothschild Lecture: Extraordinary waves and math: from beaches to photonics
GCS 13th November 2019 Alexander Ostermann Low-regularity time integrators
GCS 13th November 2019 Caroline Lasser What it takes to catch a wave packet
GCS 12th November 2019 Erwan Faou Some results in the long time analysis of Hamiltonian PDEs and their numerical approximations
CAT 12th November 2019 Robert Corless An Older Special Function meets a (Slightly) Newer One
GCS 11th November 2019 Sergio Blanes Magnus, splitting and composition techniques for solving non-linear Schrödinger equations
GCS 11th November 2019 Shi Jin Random Batch Methods for Interacting Particle Systems and Consensus-based Global Non-convex Optimization in High-dimensional Machine Learning (copy)
CAT 7th November 2019 Nick Moore Experiments ad theory for anomalous waves induced by abrupt depth changes
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Networking and Drinks Reception
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Tom Wilkinson, Nigel Smart Panel Discussion, Questions and Answers
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Rob Learney Making DLT Happen
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Lawrence Lundy The Convergence Stack: Creating a New Data Economy with DLT
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Tom Wilkinson Experiences with DLT within the UK Government, and Perspectives on Future Potential
TGMW71 6th November 2019 David Quest QC Legal Aspects of DLT and Cryptoassets
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Steve Schneider The VOLT Project: Voting on Ledger Technologies
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Chris Speed Blockchain by Human Centred Design
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Aggelos Kiayias Academic Research Talk - Foundations of Distributed Ledgers: Principles for a Secure by Design Global IT Infrastructure
TGMW71 6th November 2019 John Collomosse Academic Research Talk - DLT for Trusted Archives of Digital Public Records and other Computer Vision Applications
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Rob Learney The Business of Blockchain
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Frans Van Ette A National Approach to DLT - Dutch Blockchain Coalition
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Nigel Smart Academic Introduction - DLT Technology: The Hype and the Reality
TGMW71 6th November 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
CATW02 1st November 2019 Xie Xuming Existence results in interfacial flows with kinetic undercooling regularization in a time-dependent gap Hele-Shaw cell
CATW02 1st November 2019 Gennady Mishuris Analyses of dynamic fault propagation in discrete structures
CATW02 1st November 2019 Yuri Antipov Diffraction by wedges: higher order boundary conditions, integral transforms, vector Riemann-Hilbert problems, and Riemann surfaces
CATW02 1st November 2019 Takashi Sakajo Vortex dynamics on the surface of a torus
CATW02 1st November 2019 Vladimir Mityushev Cluster method in the theory of fibrous elastic composites
CATW02 1st November 2019 Craig Tracy Blocks in the asymmetric simple exclusion process
GCS 31st October 2019 Patrick Farrell A Reynolds-robust preconditioner for the 3D stationary Navier-Stokes equations
CATW02 31st October 2019 Kevin O'Neil Stationary vortex sheets and limits of polynomials
CATW02 31st October 2019 Robb McDonald Growth of thin fingers in Laplacian and Poisson fields
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