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E.g., 2019-11-23
E.g., 2019-11-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW70 23rd October 2019 Alejandro Frangi Computational Precision Medicine: From Individuals to Populations and Back
TGMW70 23rd October 2019 Tina Manoharan Expanding Precision Medicine along Clinical Pathways with AI Powered Decision -Support
TGMW70 23rd October 2019 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction
TGMW70 23rd October 2019 Registration, tea and coffee
GCS 22nd October 2019 Paul Houston An Agglomeration-Based, Massively Parallel Non-Overlapping Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Polytopic Grids
GCS 22nd October 2019 Emmanuil Georgoulis Discontinuous Galerkin methods on arbitrarily shaped elements.
GCS 22nd October 2019 Andrea Cangiani A posteriori error estimation for discontinuous Galerkin methods on general meshes and adaptivity
GCS 22nd October 2019 Franco Brezzi Serendipity Virtual Elements
GCS 21st October 2019 Donatella Marini Kirk Lecture: A recent technology for Scientific Computing: the Virtual Element Method
CAT 17th October 2019 Matthew Turner Time-dependent conformal mapping techniques applied to fluid sloshing problems
DNM 15th October 2019 Jonathan Robbins Collective coordinates, asymptotics and domain wall dynamics in ferromagnets
CAT 10th October 2019 Irina Markina Diffeomorphisms of unit circle, shape analysis and some non-linear PDEs
GCS 9th October 2019 Daniele Boffi Approximation of eigenvalue problems arising from partial differential equations: examples and counterexamples
GCS 9th October 2019 Richard Falk Numerical Computation of Hausdorff Dimension
CAT 8th October 2019 Helena Stage A heuristic introduction to the applications of Wiener-Hopf factorisation in random processes
GCSW02 4th October 2019 David Garfinkle Tetrad methods in numerical relativity
GCSW02 4th October 2019 Luis Lehner tba
GCSW02 4th October 2019 Charalampos Markakis On numerical conservation of the Poincaré-Cartan integral invariant in relativistic fluid dynamics
GCSW02 4th October 2019 Pablo Laguna Inside the Final Black Hole from Black Hole Collisions
CAT 3rd October 2019 Loredana Lanzani The joys and pains of multi-variable complex analysis: an informal introduction
GCSW02 3rd October 2019 Douglas Arnold FEEC 4 GR?
GCSW02 3rd October 2019 Ragnar Winther Finite element exterior calculus as a tool for compatible discretizations
GCSW02 3rd October 2019 Warner Miller General Relativity: One Block at a Time
GCSW02 3rd October 2019 David Hilditch Putting Infinity on the Grid
GCSW02 3rd October 2019 Fernando Abalos On necessary and sufficient conditions for strong hyperbolicity in systems with differential constraints
GCSW02 2nd October 2019 Helvi Witek New prospects in numerical relativity
GCSW02 2nd October 2019 Soeren Bartels Approximation of Harmonic Maps and Wave Maps
GCSW02 2nd October 2019 Anil Hirani Discrete Vector Bundles with Connection and the First Chern Class
GCSW02 1st October 2019 Second Chances
GCSW02 1st October 2019 Snorre Christiansen Compatible finite element spaces for metrics with curvature
CAT 1st October 2019 Pavel Lushnikov Conformal mapping, Hamiltonian methods and integrability of surface dynamics
GCSW02 1st October 2019 Oscar Reula Hyperbolicity and boundary conditions.
GCSW02 1st October 2019 Melvin Leok Variational discretizations of gauge field theories using group-equivariant interpolation spaces
GCSW02 1st October 2019 Lee Lindblom Solving PDEs Numerically on Manifolds with Arbitrary Spatial Topologies
GCSW02 30th September 2019 Frans Pretorius Computational Challenges in Numerical Relativity
GCSW02 30th September 2019 Ari Stern Structure-preserving time discretization: lessons for numerical relativity?
GCSW02 30th September 2019 Pau Figueras numerical relativity beyond astrophysics: new challenges and new dynamics
GCSW02 30th September 2019 Michael Holst Some Research Problems in Mathematical and Numerical General Relativity
GCSW02 30th September 2019 Deirdre Shoemaker Numerical Relativity in the Era of Gravitational Wave Observations
CAT 26th September 2019 Lesley Ward Kirk Lecture: Fourier, harmonic analysis, and spaces of homogeneous type
GCS 25th September 2019 Martin Licht Newest Results in Newest Vertex Bisection
CAT 24th September 2019 Elias Wegert Nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert Problems (continued)
CAT 24th September 2019 Elias Wegert Introduction to Nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert Problems
CAT 19th September 2019 Marcus Webb Energy preserving spectral methods on the real line whose analysis strays into the complex plane
GCS 19th September 2019 Marcus Webb Energy preserving spectral methods on the real line whose analysis strays into the complex plane (copy)
GCS 18th September 2019 Linyu Peng Variational systems on the variational bicomplex
GCS 18th September 2019 Blanca Ayuso De Dios Constructing Discontinuous Galerkin methods for Vlasov-type systems
CAT 17th September 2019 Andre Weideman Dynamics of Complex Singularities of Nonlinear PDEs: Analysis and Computation
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