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E.g., 2020-07-12
E.g., 2020-07-12
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ITSW04 18th September 2001 Twistors and isomonodromy
ITSW04 18th September 2001 Integrable background geometries in dimensions one to four
ITSW04 18th September 2001 Integrable systems on 3-spaces of constant curvature
ITSW04 17th September 2001 Integrable Riemannien spaces and their application to physics and geometry
ICB 17th September 2001 Stochastic analysis Tutorial
ITSW04 17th September 2001 Shlesinger systems, their reduction and classical solutions
ITSW04 17th September 2001 LJ Mason Reductions of anti-self dual conformal structures
ITSW04 17th September 2001 Hyper-Kahler metrics and integrable systems
ITSW04 17th September 2001 Integrable systmes and Calabi-Yau manifolds
ICB 14th September 2001 J Jaeger Developmental dynamics Tutorial
ITSW03 14th September 2001 Final Discussion
ITSW03 14th September 2001 Topology of the affine variety of the real part of hyperelliptic jacobian associated with the periodic Toda Lattice
ITSW03 14th September 2001 Lie Symmetries for multi-dimensional discrete systems
ITSW03 13th September 2001 Discussion
ICB 13th September 2001 Molecular motors Tutorial
ITSW03 13th September 2001 Functional equations, difference equations and integrable systems
ITSW03 13th September 2001 F Nijhoff On some integrable discrete systems related to elliptic curves
ITSW03 13th September 2001 R Willox Integrable lattices from D-type algebras
ITSW03 13th September 2001 Periodic box and ball systems
ICB 12th September 2001 HG Othmer Dicty Overview Tutorial
ITSW03 12th September 2001 On recursion operators
ITSW03 12th September 2001 Integrable discretization of sine- and sinh-Gordon equations: novelties and open problems
ITSW03 12th September 2001 F Pempinelli An Integrable discretization of kdV at large times
ITSW03 11th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 11th September 2001 Tutorial on singularity confinements
ITSW03 11th September 2001 MD Kruskal Equivalent of the Painleve property for difference equations and study of their solvability
ITSW03 11th September 2001 Difference equations in the complex domain
ITSW03 11th September 2001 C Viallet Complexity, singularity and integrability of maps
ITSW03 10th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 10th September 2001 Integrable lattice equations in 2D \& 3D posing initial-boundary value problems
ITSW03 10th September 2001 Integrable Mappings with quadratic or quartic invarients
ITSW03 10th September 2001 JAG Roberts Interchanging parameters and integrals in discrete dynamical systems
ITSW03 10th September 2001 Integrable Mapping
ITSW03 7th September 2001 M Noumi & A Veselov Discussion on birational represenations of affine Weyl groups
ITSW03 7th September 2001 Direct construction of conservation laws for difference equations
ITSW03 7th September 2001 A variaional calculus for discursive systems with applications
ITSW03 7th September 2001 On Algebraically integrable systems with deficiency
ITSW03 7th September 2001 V Kuznetsov Kowalevski top revisited
ITSW03 6th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 6th September 2001 M Nieszporski A discrete laplace ladder, the discrete Moutard equation and its adjoint. Asymptotic lattices and discrete weingarten congruences
ITSW03 6th September 2001 Analytical methods inthe study of Integrable Discrete Geometries
ITSW03 6th September 2001 W Schief Reciprocal figures, graphical statics and inversive geometry of the Schwarzian BKP hierarchy
ITSW03 6th September 2001 Menelaus' theorem, Clifford configurations and inversive geometry of the discrete Schwarzian KP equation
ITSW03 5th September 2001 Discrete hydrodynamics and Monge-Ampere equations
ITSW03 5th September 2001 A Shabat Discretization of spectral problems
ITSW03 5th September 2001 Discrete equations on planar graphs
ITSW03 4th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 4th September 2001 Backlund transformations for a new integrable system with peakons
ITSW03 4th September 2001 The Painleve and discrete Painleve equations - nonlinear and discrete special functions
ITSW03 4th September 2001 q-Painleve equations arising from a q-version of the modified KP heirarchy
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