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E.g., 2021-03-04
E.g., 2021-03-04
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Hamza Fawzi Large-Scale Optimization with Positive Semidefinite Matrices
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Silvia Gazzola Introducing a New Class of Low-rank Solvers
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Paolo Campodonico On instabilities in Deep Learning for Inverse Problems
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Dominic Wynter Mean Field Limits and Hilbert's Sixth Problem
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Oisin Faust Proving Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities using Sums of Squares
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Chris Rogers Dynamic Programming and Machine Learning
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Coralia Cartis Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Large Scale Optimization
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Russell Luke Feasibility Models: From Nanoscale Photonic Imaging to Randomized Algorithms for Machine Learning
TGMW77 24th November 2020 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Camilla Schlepe Introduction
IDP 19th November 2020 IDP Estimation
IDP 5th November 2020 Challenges 1, 2 & 3
IDP 4th November 2020 IDP SEJ & UQ
IDP 3rd November 2020 Challenges 1, 2, & 3 General Discussion - Andy Dobson - Jess Metcalf
IDP 2nd November 2020 Insights from novel primary data on the Qatar SARS-CoV-2 epidemic: reinfection, infection severity and fatality rates, and herd immunity - Speaker - Laith Jamal Abu Raddad
IDP 2nd November 2020 Covid-19: a phased lift of control and other exit strategies - Speakers - Luc Coffeng and Sake de Vlas - (Explicit content)
IDP 2nd November 2020 Intervention choices for covid19 – different country perspectives - Chair - Deirdre Hollingsworth
IDP 2nd November 2020 Mick Roberts Challenges 1, 2, & 3 General Discussion
IDP 29th October 2020 Deirdre Hollingsworth Endemicity or Elimination
IDP 29th October 2020 Nigel Gilbert Data
IDP 23rd October 2020 Estimation - SEJ - Phillip Dawid and Will Probert
IDP 22nd October 2020 Why is Covid such a wicked problem Bernard Silverman - Chris Dye - Andrew Dobson
IDP 22nd October 2020 Mirjam Kretzschmar Interventions
IDP 21st October 2020 C. Jessica Metcalf Emerging Infections
IDP 21st October 2020 Hannah Clapham Politics and Policy
IDP 20th October 2020 Shaun Hargreaves Heap Economics
IDPW06 25th September 2020 Discussion Introduced by Kevin McConway (Open University)
IDPW06 25th September 2020 Martin Rees Existential Risk
IDPW06 25th September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context - Chair - Chris Dye
IDPW06 24th September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 24th September 2020 Tim Lenton Inequality, real-time economics and future pandemics
IDPW06 24th September 2020 David Redding Zoonotic disease spill-over in the context of global change
IDPW06 24th September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context Chair Denis Mollison (Heriot-Watt University)
IDPW06 23rd September 2020 Bernard Silverman, Frank Kelly Panel Discussion
IDPW06 23rd September 2020 Charlotte Watts How does science interface with policy
IDPW06 23rd September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context Chair: Nigel Shadbolt (University of Oxford)
IDPW06 22nd September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 22nd September 2020 Tim Besley Inequality, real-time economics and his thoughts about learning from this pandemic for future pandemics
IDPW06 22nd September 2020 Shaun Hargreaves Heap Valuing health
IDPW06 22nd September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context Chair: Caroline Trotter(University of Cambridge)
IDPW06 21st September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 21st September 2020 Anna Vassall Interactions between health and economic impact in pandemics: from data to decisions
IDPW06 21st September 2020 Deirdre Hollingsworth Neglected tropical diseases
IDPW06 21st September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context Chair - Andy Dobson (Princeton University)
IDPW06 18th September 2020 Discussion
IDPW06 18th September 2020 Jamie Lloyd-Smith Factors contributing to transmissibility
IDPW06 18th September 2020 Christopher Dye Unlikely disasters: pandemics, prevention and public health
IDPW06 18th September 2020 Theme 3: The Wider Context - Chair - Jess Metcalf
TGMW81 18th September 2020 Closing Remarks/Discussions
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