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E.g., 2019-09-20
E.g., 2019-09-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Paula Gago An Invasion Percolation Model for the Study of Fluid Injection Driven Fracturing in Weakly Consolidated Granular Media
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Christopher Ness Absorbing-state Transitions in Granular Materials Close to Jamming
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Junju Mu Modelling the Viscosity of Complex Fluids
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Davide Michieletto Topological Tuning of Polymer Dynamics
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Tea and Coffee
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Mixer Session and Posters
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Robert Farr Soft Matter Challenges in Coffee Processing
GCS 5th September 2019 Chus Sanz-Serna Numerical Integrators for the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Jean-Christophe Castaing Reducing Biocides Level in Formulations - a New Challenge for Soft Matter?
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Lunch and Posters
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Dylan Jones The Role of Spray Drying in Product Drug Formulation - Soft Matter Challenges
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Andreas Poulos Designing Complex Formulations for Films in Beauty and Personal Care
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Annette Zippelius Emergence of Long Range Stress Correlations at the Glass Transition
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Tea, coffee and Posters
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Roseanna Zia "Phase Mechanics" of Arrested Colloidal Gels: Modelling Yield as Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions in Soft Matter
TGMW67 5th September 2019 Wilson Poon The Physics of Conching Chocolate: Taking Rheology from the Lab to the Factory
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Posters, Networking and Drinks
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Mike Cates Continuum Theories of Active Phase Separation
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Lynn Walker Electrodynamics of Emulsion Droplets
TGMW67 4th September 2019 David Zwicker IoP Liquids and Complex Fluids Group Early Career Lecture: Active Phase Separation in Biology
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Tea and Coffee
GCS 4th September 2019 Sigrid Leyendecker Mixed order and multirate variational integrators for the simulation of dynamics on different time scales
TGMW67 4th September 2019 John Girkin World's Smallest Washing Machine and Dishwasher
GCS 4th September 2019 Sina Ober-Blöbaum Variational formulations for dissipative systems
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Howard Stone Electrokinetics and Diffusiophoresis: Transport in Confined Systems and Detergency
TGMW67 4th September 2019 Mike Cates Welcome and Introduction
GCS 28th August 2019 Milo Viviani Lie-Poisson methods for isospectral flows and their application to long-time simulation of spherical ideal hydrodynamics
GCS 28th August 2019 Gerard Awanou Computational geometric optics: Monge-Ampere
WHT 28th August 2019 Andrey Shanin On branching of analytic functions in 2D complex space
WHT 23rd August 2019 Peter Baddoo Scattering by a periodic array of slits with complex boundaries via the Wiener--Hopf method
WHT 23rd August 2019 Matthew Nethercote High-contrast approximation for penetrable wedge diffraction
GCS 21st August 2019 Yajuan Sun Contact Hamiltonian system and its application in solving Vlasov-Poisson Fokker-Planck system
GCS 21st August 2019 Fernando Casas More on composition methods: error estimation and pseudo-symmetry
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Gennady Mishuris Comments on the approximate factorisation of matrix functions with unstable sets of partial indices
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Mikhail Lyalinov Functional-integral equations and diffraction by a truncated wedge
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Ivan Argatov Application of the Wiener–Hopf technique in contact problems
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Matthew Colbrook Solving Wiener-Hopf type problems numerically: a spectral method approach
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Alexander Galybin Application of the Wiener-Hopf approach to incorrectly posed BVP of plane elasticity
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Pavlos Livasov Two vector Wiener-Hopf equations with 2x2 kernels containing oscillatory terms
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Ian Thompson Diffraction in Mindlin plates
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Konstantin Ustinov Application of Khrapkov’s technique of 2x2 matrix factorization to solving problems related to interface cracks
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Michael Nieves Phase transition processes in flexural structured systems with rotational inertia
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Dmitry Ponomarev Spectral theory of convolution operators on finite intervals: small and large interval asymptotics
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Davide Bigoni Shear band dynamics
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Larissa Fradkin Elastic wedge diffraction, with applications to non-destructive evaluation
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Francesco Dal corso Moving boundary value problems in the dynamics of structures
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Matthew Priddin Using iteration to solve n by n matrix Wiener-Hopf equations involving exponential factors with numerical implementation
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Nikolai Gorbushin Steady-state interfacial cracks in bi-material elastic lattices
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Justin Jaworski Owl-inspired mechanisms of turbulence noise reduction
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Guido Lombardi Complex scattering and radiation problems using the Generalized Wiener-Hopf Technique
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