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E.g., 2021-01-26
E.g., 2021-01-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
4th May 1998 Magnetic field interaction with a turbulent accretion disc
20th April 1998 Polymathematics: symplectization, complexification, mathematical trinities and all that: is mathematics one science or several arts?
20th April 1998 Soft Condensed Matter Termly Meetings
17th April 1998 The fifteen theorem for quadratic forms
17th April 1998 L Kauffman Conway's knots and their ramifications
17th April 1998 SP Norton & RA Wilson Atlas double bill
17th April 1998 Hyperbolic reflection groups (after Conway and Allcock)
17th April 1998 Remarks on sporadic simple groups
16th April 1998 Geometry, logic and quantum theory
16th April 1998 E Berlekamp Sums of Nx2 amazons positions
16th April 1998 J-P Serre Zeroes of characters
16th April 1998 Recent results on packing spheres in n-dimensional space
21st March 1998 HK Moffatt Syrup rings and traffic jams
2nd March 1998 C Deninger Analogies between number theory and dynamical systems on foliated spaces
2nd February 1998 S Balbus Turbulence in accretion disks: progress and problems
19th January 1998 Semiconductor lasers and kolmogorov spectra
12th January 1998 Soft Condensed Matter Termly Meetings
1st December 1997 D Thouless Topological quantum numbers and precision measurements
27th November 1997 W Walster The application of interval arithmetic to floating point calculations
24th November 1997 Cat maps - classical, quantum, and semiclassical
10th November 1997 L Kauffman Virtual knot theory
3rd November 1997 CM Bishop Neural networks: a probabilistic perspective
27th October 1997 Stability in dynamics, invariant sets and the Burgers equation
22nd October 1997 EBI Meeting
20th October 1997 Statistical genome analysis: hidden Markov methods
13th October 1997 J Keller A survey of wave motion
27th September 1997 Cambridge Alumni
23rd September 1997 Diophantine equations and differential equations
23rd September 1997 Euler systems and the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer
23rd September 1997 Local-to-global principles for varieties over a number field
23rd September 1997 Weight one forms, congruences and Galois representations
22nd September 1997 The cubic surface through the ages
22nd September 1997 Hilbert's 16th problem, 97 years on
22nd September 1997 Ordinary differential equations: explosions and bifurcations
22nd August 1997 PJ Dellar Magnetic relaxation in astrophysical discs
22nd August 1997 On the Arnold stability of MHD flows
22nd August 1997 On the application of the Kelvin-Arnold energy principal to the stability of forced, two-dimensiona, iaviscid flows
22nd August 1997 Can the turbulent galactic dynamo generate large scale magnetic fields?
22nd August 1997 Multi-fractal aspects of spatial intermittency in fully developed magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
9th June 1997 Algebraic aspects of quantum integrable models on discrete space-time
2nd June 1997 Integrability - from d'Alembert to Lax
26th May 1997 Representations of simple Lie algebras - modern variations on a classical theme
19th May 1997 C Zeeman Geometric unfolding of a difference equation
28th April 1997 The mathematical analysis of incentive problems
16th April 1997 N Turok Goldstones Bosons from Higher Dimensional Gauge Theories
16th April 1997 P Goddard String, Lattices and Algebras
16th April 1997 From Rubber Bands to Duality
16th April 1997 String loops and the unification of the Ramond and the Neveu-Schwarz models
16th April 1997 E Corrigan Duality, monopoles and Toda
16th April 1997 S-matrix theory
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