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Seminars archive

E.g., 2021-01-25
E.g., 2021-01-25
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
10th March 1997 M Broué Complex Reflection Groups
3rd March 1997 Introduction to String Dualities
24th February 1997 New theoretical ideas in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics Joint Seminar with Dynamical Systems Series
17th February 1997 J Ball The calculus of variations after 300 years
25th November 1996 S Popescu What is quantum computation?
11th November 1996 Duality and three-manifolds
28th October 1996 Numerical weather prediction and climate modelling
18th October 1996 Informal meeting - Peter Ogden Hosted by Peter Goddard
4th October 1996 The arithmetic of plane cubics
4th October 1996 Working with Michael
28th August 1996 Isaac Newton and Cambridge
10th June 1996 MF Atiyah Duality in geomtery and physics
3rd June 1996 J Goddard Material instabilities in complex fluids: what our constitutive equations may be trying to say
27th May 1996 Murphy's Law, the fitness of evolving species and the limits of software reliability
20th May 1996 Elliptic curves and modular forms
15th May 1996 MORDELL LECTURE: Elliptic curves and Fermat's last theorem
6th May 1996 Cyclotomic fields and Fermat's last theorem
11th March 1996 The rewards of risk: opportunities for mathematics in finance
4th March 1996 Does geometric quantisation commute with symplectic reduction?
26th February 1996 Harmonic and geodesic spaces - for non-specialists
12th February 1996 Rational solutions of diophantine equations
5th February 1996 Share and share alike; the mathematics of distributed capability
29th January 1996 A Pearson Challenges in the dynamics of complex fluids
22nd January 1996 S Donaldson Symplectic geometry and four-dimensional geometry
22nd November 1993 D Mumford What does the Brain have to compute in order to see?
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